We will fight on, bro

Posted on April 7, 2014




“The uncanny thing about his timing had left me wondering as he would not have chosen to go on any other date except for the 4th of April, the birthday of Haris Ibrahim. I guess he wanted Haris to remember the dream that he shared or the vow that he had pledged and that every year on his birthday Haris must be reminded of” – excerpt of the tribute to Zorro on the Rakyat Times.

I just got back from Zorro’s funeral and am leaving for overseas shortly and wanted to quickly share this with you.

When I was still living on my farm in Bentong, very few friends were invited over to stay.

Zorro and his lovely wife, Karen, were amongst those few.

They came over and spent one night there.

It was a rare moment when both Zorro and I could speak out our hearts without the world listening in on us.

Our conversation touched on so  much that we both believed in, that we were both fighting for.

We both agreed on one thing.

We would both not live to see the full fruits of our labour, and that we, like so many out there, were merely planting the seeds of a nation of a single people.

We both got into a debate as to who from the two of us would go first.

Then we reached a consensus.

Whoever went first, the other would continue the fight.

At the funeral service today, Zorro’s daughter, Petrina, read the eulogy.

She said that in Zorro’s last days, he asked two things of her.

The second was that a message be taken to all of you.

Fight on to set this nation free of the tyranny that it suffers now.

He wanted this message to be delivered especially to the young.

Bro, you have my word.

We will fight on.