Implement hudud? God’s, or man’s? (2)

Posted on May 14, 2014



“Am sure many non-Muslims like me, sorry, do not know if Hudud is something that Allah decreed? Is the command to, for instance, dismember a living person’s limb, his eye, or his finger, found in the holy Quran?

Which of us human beings is so high amongst us equals who would be given such a terrible mandate to shame Almighty God’s creation of another human being?

Would Allah, who is proclaimed as being All Merciful mete out a punishment so severe and so damaging….

Can someone please clarify to those of us who are finding it difficult to accept Hudud as being the cruel and extremely unacceptable punishment that it is for a human being’s wrong doing on God’s Earth where we are supposed to be given a chance to redeem ourselves before we face Almighty God Himself,at the end of our lives” – shakoon, commenting on my “Speak up now or forever hold your peace” post.

Shakoon, I will try.

An explanation first.

Like the prophet ( pbuh ), I am illiterate in the Arabic language.

The prophet, though, being Arab, obviously understood the language.

So over the last 25 years, my task has been to try and overcome this handicap and to discover for myself, firstly, if indeed the text of the Holy Qur’an is divine and, if so,  what my God would have me do in the course of my existence here.

This has entailed the use of more than 2 dozen translations, lexicons, concordances, transliterations, commentaries and many hundreds of hours of discussions with like-minded individuals desiring to understand Islam for themselves.

Whilst my quest to understand the Holy Qur’an continues to this day, and will probably continue to the day my children lower me into my grave, today, I am left without any doubt whatsoever that the Holy Qur’an was divinely revealed to a man in the Arab peninsula as a guide for all mankind.

As I endeavour to share with you, Shakoon, what I have come to understand, I remind myself, and make plain to you, that I could be wrong in that understanding.

Only God has perfect knowledge of all things. We mortals err in all things.

I therefore stand to be corrected with what I am about to say here.

Yes, shakoon, God speaks of Hudud in the Holy Qur’an.

Unless my research fails me, the word ‘Hudud’ appears 14 times in all in the Holy Qur’an, mainly in relation to the matter of the fast, inheritance, and divorce and conduct with women. See Surah 2 verses 187, 229 and 230, Surah 4 verses 13 and 14, Surah 58 verse 4 and Surah 65 verse 1.

Essentially, these verses lay out do’s and dont’s and then culminate with a “these are the hudud ( limits ) set by God”.

That’s right.

Consistently with the context in which the word appears all 14 times, ‘hudud’ bears only one meaning : limits.

The remaining 2 instances where the word “Hudud” appears is in Surah 9 verses 97 and 112.

In verse 97, God alludes to the desert Arabs who are unbelievers and hypocritical and who are oblivious or unperturbed by His limits ( Hudud ). God then also refers to some other desert Arabs who believe, so making a distinction between the two differing groups. In verse 101, God warns of a harrowing doom that awaits the former, and then, in the very next verse, leaves a way open for those who may repent their ways.

Shakoon, this is what God says of Hudud in the Holy Qur’an.

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