Self defence? Two arrows? In different directions?

Posted on May 17, 2014



“Police have wrapped up their investigations in the case where an army officer shot two arrows at a stray dog which died yesterday after suffering from severe tick fever.

Kajang OCPD ACP Abdul Rashid Abdul Wahab said papers had been forwarded to Bukit Aman, although he doubted whether the suspect would be charged.

“He claimed it was in self-defence, saying the dog was trying to enter the house and he did it to protect his children. It is up to the DPP (Deputy Public Prosecutor) to take up the case against the man,” ACP Abdul Rashid told reporters at the handing over ceremony at Serdang police headquarters” – report in Staronline today.

“The man who wounded a stray dog with two arrows in his neighbourhood at Balakong, near here, said he acted on impulse to protect his three children. “It was an instinctive move. The dog appeared scary and it wasn’t like other strays. At least that’s what it seemed to me,” he said when met yesterday at his home in Taman Sinaran, Taming Jaya…Recalling the Tuesday incident, the man, whose children are aged four, five and seven, said it was around 8.30pm when he heard the dog barking and making its way to his driveway…“I thought only about the children. In a moment of panic, I took the bow and fired the arrows,” he said” – report in Staronline yesterday.

dogarrowed1605You’re faced with an intruder at your front door.

You have an automatic pistol and, in a panic state, you open fire.

Bang! Bang!

2 shots to the potential intruder’s shoulder, who now falls on impact

Self-defence, right?

Change the scenario slightly now.

You fire one shot that hits him in the right arm.


He turns to make his escape.

You shoot again.

Is the second shot in self-defence?

With Brianna, it was different.

There was no automatic firearm.

Bow and arrows.

It would take time to set the arrow in place and fire, after the first shot.

Look at the photo.

The assertion is that the dog was making its way to the shooter’s driveway.

Taking this to be scenario, the first shot would appear to be the arrow that struck the front leg.

The shooter sets the second arrow.

It strikes Brianna in the top of her back, from behind.

Brianna, it seems to me, was in retreat.