Is the Sedition Act unconstitutional?

Posted on May 19, 2014




I have long believed that it is.

Lawyers representing me in my sedition charge pending in the Sessions Court hold the same view.

With this in mind, an application was filed in the High Court, seeking the charge, which came up for mention this morning and is set for trial on 22nd and 23rd of this month, be struck out.

I attended court this morning with my lawyers to inform the judge that the application in the High Court has been set for case management on Thursday, 22nd May, the day that the trial is due to commence, and to request a deferment of the trial to allow the application to be first heard and disposed of, and to also allow the Federal Court to hear and rule on the appeal by the prosecution in the Nik Nadzmi case, given that pronouncements by the Court of Appeal on Article 10 of the Federal Constitution may have a bearing on my case.

The Sessions Court judge refused our request and directed that the trial proceed on the 22nd as scheduled.


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