Nurul first, and later Dyana?

Posted on May 19, 2014




I really think that if she can avoid getting booby-trapped by party politics, once we have removed UMNO / BN from Putrajaya, there may come a time when we will see Nurul Izzah ascend to the office of prime minister.

And if that should come to pass, and I had my way, we should allow her no more than 2 terms in office.

That should give time for Dyana Sofia to ready herself for a shot at that top post, no?

If this young lady means every word she says, if her words reflect her soul, then she might just be the best thing to come our way since Nurul.

dyana“Equal opportunity to all deserving Malaysians does not mean that the Malays will be robbed. It means that more deserving Malaysians of all races, including many Malays, who do not support Umno, will have access to quality higher education. Umno has lost sight of our future and is more concerned with stoking ethnic sentiments in order to shore up its support base. A public institution, more so a public institution of higher learning should never be placed at the mercy of a political party. UiTM belongs to the people, not just Umno,” – Dyana, as reported by the Malaysianinsider.

Dyana, please hold on to these ideals and do not let the world of politics change you.

God Willing, go take your place in Parliament, bakal Yang Berkhidmat.