Please, sir, will you stay the hands of the prosecution?

Posted on May 22, 2014





My sedition trial was scheduled to start today and continue tomorrow.

This, despite there being an application pending in the High Court to strike out the charge on grounds that the Sedition Act is bad law.

We had, on Monday, sought a postponement of the trial to allow the above application to be heard first, but the Sessions Court had refused the oral application.

The next day, my lawyers filed an application in the High Court to stay the proceedings in the Sessions Court to allow the striking out application to be heard first.

Ashok was in court early today to get the stay application fixed for hearing before a High Court judge, and then he had to attend to another trial.

Enter Gobind, who made his way from Teluk Intan, expecting to have to lead my defence in the trial, only to be informed on arrival that the stay application was to be heard first and, only if the same were refused, would the trial proceed.

The judge  who was to hear my stay application had earlier heard and reserved for judgment on 29th May, an application similar to my striking out application.

After hearing arguments, the judge granted a stay of my trial.

I’m back in court on 29th May to find out the fate of the other striking out application and, hopefully, to have my striking out application fixed for hearing.

I live to fight another day.

After a taxing morning, I adjourned with my lawyers and buddy Arthur to do what Malaysians do best.


To friends and family who were in court to lend me support, love you all.




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