Coming together to save our nation

Posted on July 10, 2014



How many of you partook of the game of ‘Chopping’ in your primary school years?

Where, during the school recess, after a quick meal in the tuck shop and onto the playing field, you sadistically took aim at the nearest person with a tennis ball, or any ball of almost similar size, and hoped to hit that person good and proper.

I did.

From Standard 1 to Standard 4.

Then I stopped.


Because May 13 happened.

And the game was not the same after that.

When we finally came back to school almost 1 1/2 months after the race riots, during the recess break on that first day back at school, the game was the same for me.

Take aim at the nearest person.

For some others, though, the game had changed.

If you were Malay, you aimed your throw at a non-Malay, and vice versa.

And I was ostracised by some of the Malay boys because I refused to go that way.

Some of the Chinese boys, too, treated me differently because I was seen as Malay.

Clearly, these were young, impressionable minds being influenced by things said and done at home.

Today, the nation witnesses irresponsible quarters playing up issues of race and religion and sounding warnings of a return of the spectre of those race riots of 45 years ago.

And impressionable minds, young and old, having no access to the alternative media and hence always dependent on a not so honest mainstream media for news on what is happening in this nation, may well be going the way of my young school mates 45 years ago.

Observing this dangerous trend, concerned citizens have come together in the hope that we can collectively save our nation from a certain ruin if this mischievous play on race and religion is allowed to  continue unabated.

Later, this morning, at 11am, a press conference will be held at the Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall to announce the formation of a people’s movement to reclaim this nation  for her people.

The main proceedings of that press conference will be carried live on The Rakyat Times