Negara – Ku : The work that awaits us all

Posted on July 12, 2014





What are the stated objectives and aspirations of this newly minted people’s movement?

To mobilize and empower the People: –

  • ·         to resist all forms of intolerance, bigotry, hatred, extremism, and violence;
  • ·         to oppose all forms of discrimination, oppression, persecution and injustice;
    • to strive for a socially inclusive society
    • to exhort the State and its Institutions to respect, adhere and uphold the Rule of Law; and
    • to demand adherence to the principles of stewardship, integrity, accountability and transparency in all aspects of governance.

To read the full text of the Negara – Ku Charter, go HERE.

To this, Isma’s Zaik contends that Negara – Ku is a direct threat to its cause to uphold Islamic and Malay rights, so reports Malaysiakini.

This criticism, by Zaik, without more, serves as a most damning testimony of his ‘Islam’, but let’s leave that discussion for another day.

Ambiga has responded to these allegations, and responded well.

Ambiga has called on Zaik to  produce facts to back up his allegations.

“He will have to explain how that is so. Why is he so nervous about the movement? The movement is based on the Federal Constitution, Malaysia Agreement and the Rukunegara. What is his problem with that?”, the Malay Mail reports Ambiga asking.

My sense, though, is that no explanation from Zaik or anyone in Isma will be forthcoming, because the very reason for which those allegations were made have been, or will be, in the near future, served.

What might that reason be?

To give fodder to the mainstream media to print and broadcast these lies about this new people’s movement, and to have those lies fed to those in the Malay heartlands who may well have little or no access whatsoever to the alternative news and the real truth about what this initiative is about.

If Negara – Ku is to have the impact we hope it will, our immediate task, then, is to get this truth out to those who most need to know it.

Our first, and foremost, task, is to overcome the untruths that certain segments of the media will convey to our brothers and sisters in the Malay heartlands.

Negara – Ku has put together an introductory video that was screened at the press conference on 10th July.

Here’s what you can do for  starters.

Download and burn this video on DVDs.

As many as you can.

The Hari Raya holidays will soon be upon us, and many of us will balik kampong.

Distribute the video to as many people as possible.

Explain to them why this movement is so vital to the survival of our nation.

You and I must be the agents of truth that Negara – Ku so desperately needs.