BERSIH 2.0 needs funds now

Posted on July 23, 2014




I got this alert in the email this morning.

Please do your part in two ways.

First, give as generously as you can to the cause.

Second, spread the word that Bersih 2.0 needs your help.

Thank you.


BERSIH 2.0 has launched a fund-raising campaign called BERSIH: We are the Champions and I urge you to give all the help and support you can to the NGO that offers the prospect of real change for Malaysia.


The main event will be a dinner – 7.30pm, 8 August 2014, at Dewan Banquet, MBPJ Civic Centre, Petaling Jaya.


IF YOU WILL BE IN MALAYSIA ON AUGUST 8 you may buy a table (10 seats) at RM2,000, RM5,000 or RM10,000 for the dinner.


IF YOU LIVE IN AUSTRALIA, cannot attend the dinner, but want to donate, go online and make your contribution to:

  • Account Name: SABMOZ INC
  • BSB: 193-879
  • Account Number: 420 979 809
  • Be sure to mark your online transaction Bersih2.


Transferring funds within Australia through this SABMOZ account will collectively save us on transfer costs – we are also grateful to SABMOZ for volunteering to administer transferring your donations to Bersih 2.0 in Malaysia regularly.


DONATE DIRECTLY TO Bersih 2.0 – Donations by cheque or cash should be banked to:

  • Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor
  • A/C No : 03000064902 (Hong Leong Bank)
  • Swift code: HLBBMYKL


If you donate directly, it is important that you forward a scanned image of the bank-in slip to, or fax it to +603 7784 4978, for Bersih 2.0 records.


Telephone Bersih 2.0 on +603 7772 3272, or email for more information.


Two documents are attached to this email – the appeal from Bersih 2.0 chair Maria Chin Abdullah and the group’s budget.

BERSIH: We are the Champions hopes to raise MR800,000 by the night of the dinner. It is an ambitious target, no doubt. But we are Malaysians. We can do this.


Please send this appeal to all Malaysians and friends of Malaysia you know, and encourage as many people as possible to contribute to Bersih: We Are The Champions in any way they can. Thank you very much for your time.