Register or be deemed illegal? And how do you register the spirit of the rakyat?

Posted on July 26, 2014



The media is reporting today that the Home Ministry has declared the Negara-Ku movement illegal. We must register, they say. And if we apply to register, they will not allow the movement to register with the name ‘NEGARA-KU’. Malaysiakini and Malaysianinsider have both reported this today.

This is my response.



My country.

negara - ku

I love my country and her people, without hesitation; without reservation.

I always have, and I always will.

And, of late, before my very eyes, I see insidious moves to sow hate between us.

Moves to plant distrust and discord between us.

I know who by, and why.

Many of you know, too.

Do we sit by and do nothing?

I will not.

I love my country and her people.

And I do not need permission, leave or licence of anyone or any authority to love my country and her people.

I will not sit by and do nothing.

Rather, as they try to sow hate, I will traverse the nation to sow love.

Where they strive to plant distrust and discord, I will endeavour to give hope and belief.

I know I am not alone.

Mine is but one voice amongst the greater multitude.

Desiring only to plant love, hope and belief amongst the people.

This is Negara-Ku.

Negara-Ku is not mine.

Not Ambiga’s.

Not Pak Samad’s

Negara-Ku is the spirit of the rakyat, too long silenced, now risen to reclaim the nation.

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