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Posted on July 27, 2014



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This posting ought to have gone up a few days ago, and I have no excuses to offer for the delay, so I’ll just take what’s coming to me from you good folk, and get on with the business at hand.

Many, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, will be traveling to their hometowns this Raya holidays.

Some of you may already have reached your hometown, and are lazing around at home, or catching up with friends at the local warung or coffee shop.

Some may be on the road right now, probably caught in a snarl.

Much misinformation has been put out by the mainstream media about the Negara-Ku people’s movement.

And so many of you have been sending me sms’s and emails and comments here asking me how you can become a member of this movement.

Let me just say. firstly, that there is no question of membership. What’s been put in place is a means by which you can connect, firstly, with the steering committee and then, more importantly, with other like-minded individuals who live in your vicinity so that we can collectively start to take this movement forward.

More on this in my next post.

First, let’s begin our Negara-Ku work this Raya holidays.

The Negara-Ku charter, in Bahasa Malaysia, has been translated into 5 other languages.

The English translation has been finalised, whilst the others are being further refined.

PDF versions of the charter, in Bahasa Malaysia, and the English translation, are linked below.

Negara-Ku has also come out with 2 videos to-date, both of which help to clearly explain why this movement has come together, its importance and, most importantly, what we hope to achieve for the nation.

Distribution of our charter and the videos will go  along way to undo the untruths that are being perpetrated by certain mainstream media about Negara-Ku.

You can do your part.

Please print copies of the version of the charter that suits the language of your family and friends in your hometown and share the same with them.

If you can and have the means, download the videos, burn them on DVDs and share them again with family and friends. If you can’t afford to do this, just let them view these videos on your notebook, tab or smartphone.

Then take time out to answer any questions they have about our movement.

My next post will be on how to hook up with the movement directly.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin, drive safely, and hope you have quality time with family and friends.

Piagam Negara-Ku

NEGARA KU Charter in English