Zahid, come join Negara-Ku, lah.

Posted on July 28, 2014



negara - kuModerator’s note : For anyone reading this note now, If you don’t care to read through this post to see how you can join the Negara-Ku movement, just fill up the form at and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of that form.


Don’t worry about that “its illegal” thing, lah.

So many have joined and are already out there this Raya holidays spreading the good news to the rakyat that we are going to take our country back.

So how?

Want to join or not, Zaid?

Its easy, lah.

No membership or membership fees.

Just get involved with our effort to unite the people and you are already part of Negara-Ku

What we do ask is that you fill up a form and send it back to us, so that we can get to know you and then hook you up with others in your area who have also joined Negara-Ku.

Yes, yes, I know,  you are famous, Zahid, so why should you fill up the form and send it to us, right?

I’ll tell you something, Zahid, but don’t get angry, ok?

For a lot of people, you are famous for some not-so-nice things you have said and done in the past, but guess what, we Malaysians are a forgiving lot, so this is what we will do, just for you.

For you, we will waive the form requirement, but could you publicly recant all those not-so-nice things you have said and done before?

And by the way, for you, yes you, reading this post, if you would like to get involved in the Negara-Ku movement or want me to hook you up with anyone in your vicinity who is also with the Negara-Ku movement, fill up the form that you will find at and submit it by clicking the SUBMIT button at the end of the form.