On whose neck will the dirty dossier come down like the Sword of Damocles? Khalid’s or PKR’s?

Posted on August 6, 2014




So, the much spoken of ‘Khalid dirty deeds’ dossier is out and about.

I haven’t seen the full text of the dossier, and so, like many of you, have been dependent on news reports as to its contents.

Khalid obviously is not losing sleep over it, and has got his boys to go over to MACC to lodge a report, asking for the allegations therein to be investigated!


Does Khalid think that a finding by MACC that he is, in this entire controversy, the proverbial unblemished lamb, will fully restore his reputation in the eyes of the thinking public?

What’s wrong with him?

Last Monday, I attended a forum organised by several civil society NGOs entitled “The Selangor MB Crisis & the Ways Forward”.

I got the impression that all 3 speakers, Prof Azmi Sharom, Wong Chin Huat, and Wan Saiful Wan Jan were all of the view that there was no need to resort to ‘washing dirty linen in public’ in order to remove the MB.

In other words, going the way of this dossier was not the way to go.

Chin Huat explained that in our parliamentarian system, the MB was appointed as one who was believed to have the confidence of the majority of his peers in the legislative assembly. If it therefore became apparent to the serving MB that he had lost this confidence, he should gracefully stand down.

What should have happened, therefore, is that, if indeed the majority of the members of the Selangor legislative assembly had lost confidence in Khalid as the serving MB, for whatever reason, this should have been made known to Khalid behind closed doors,  by those very same members, so that he could then decide if he would go gracefully.

If he still refused to  stand down, the appropriate recourse would be to move and carry a motion of no confidence in the assembly.

Let me just observe here that in either of the two scenarios above, theoretically at least, no reasons need be given publicly for his removal.

In other words, there would have been no need to release the ‘dirty dossier’.

During Q&A in that forum last Monday, I pointed out that earlier that day, PKR Sec-Gen Saifuddin had alluded to the report as a litany of Khalid’s misdeeds and which was to be released to Pakatan leaders the following day, and specifically referred to the settlement of the Bank Islam claim and the land deal involving Eco-World at a gross undervalue. Given what had been disclosed by Saifuddin was not in the nature of a breakdown in the working relationship between Khalid and his colleagues from within Pakatan or some other problem of a similar nature, but rather one that sounded more like improper conduct on the part of Khalid that might even be criminal, I suggested that it was no longer a matter that could just be dealt with internally and was now one that the rakyat were entitled to be fully appraised of.

I could not make the forum last night due to poor health and I understand from the news reports that I missed much.

Rafizi did a tell-all.

In fact, according to Mustapha Ali of PAS, he told too much.

What caught my eye, though, was what was reported in Malaysiakini today.

First, it was reported that “Rafizi explained that it was difficult to change the menteri besar because “out of all the 44 assemblypersons, none (MB candidates) are unanimously accepted by all the parties in the opposition bloc“.

Does this mean that they could not get the requisite number in the assembly to make out a loss of confidence in Khalid by a majority? And if so, does this mean that the first scenario depicted earlier in this post was never attempted, simply because PKR did not have the requisite numbers to, if needed, move a motion of no confidence?

The same report then has it that when “Asked why it took PKR some time to reveal the dossier on Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, Rafizi said they had wanted to be fair to him. Rafizi, however, lamented that “the fact that we didn’t want to wash dirty linen in public is now used against us”

By this, are we to understand that the litany of sins now detailed in the dirty dossier would never have seen the light of day had Khalid given in and resigned?

And this, so that PKR could be fair to Khalid?

So as not to wash any dirty linen in public?

What was that slogan again?

Competency, Accountability, Transparency?

Malaysianinsider reports Dr Kua Kia Soong of Suaram demanding answers to several pertinent questions. I reproduce two.

1.When was the first of Khalid’s malpractices discovered?

Was the first alleged wrongdoing discovered after the 13th general election since Tan Sri Khalid was reappointed MB after the 2013 election?

As Kua so aptly put it, with the release of the dossier into public domain yesterday, the “genie has been let out of the bottle”.