Why I will not have Azmin as my MB

Posted on August 6, 2014




Selangor, I am told, is the richest state in the federation.

The jewel in the federal crown.

One of the reasons UMNO is desperate to get it back.

And, so I am told, why some Pakatan leaders would love the chance to be at the helm.

So much available for the picking.

Imagine you are running the state of Selangor, as you would a company you own, and are recruiting staff.

You need someone to help in managing the finances.

A resume comes in.

You do a background check and find that this person had a previous issue with the authorities of wealth and assets in his or his spouse’s name that did not make sense, given his income then.

The individual is called for an interview, and at the interview, he is asked to explain this.

His response : I was cleared by the authorities.

You ask the individual to explain how this wealth was amassed given his income then.

His response : I was cleared by the authorities. My conscience is clear.

With this explanation and, without more, would you now hire this individual to help manage the finances?

I would not.

If you still don’t know what I am referring to, please read my previous posts HERE and HERE.

Need I say more?