A simple majority

Posted on August 7, 2014




By Singa Terhormat

The Selangor State Assembly currently has 56 State seats held by the following parties.





Now if PAS were to side with UMNO on a no-confidence vote against current MB  Khalid,  they would have 27 votes, a minority.

They would need one more vote to tie the matter. Where would that vote come from?

From Khalid himself?

Khalid cannot and should not vote as it is a matter that he has an interest in and there will be conflict of interest.

Hence with Khalid unable to vote, the move to oust him would be carried by a majority of 28 to 27.

A simple majority but sufficient to carry the motion.

Unless of course Pakatan, and in particluar PKR, fear that one or more from its own ranks may vote in favour of Khalid or abstain from voting or absent themselves from proceedings.

confidence motion. If nothing else, it would expose s stand.

Better to know early on who are on your side and who are against before any fresh elections are called or at least before GE-14.

After that Pakatan or PKR can decide what to do with its renegades and PAS.