Jom Piknik Rakyat

Posted on September 12, 2014





This 16th September, depending on how much money I have that morning, I will bring as many nasi lemak bungkus as I can to Taman Jaya.

What’s happening at Taman Jaya?

Rakyat are having a picnic to reconnect with one another.


I’m going to share my nasi lemak with people I meet until I run out of them.

I’ll have on my KEMBALIKAN NEGARA KU t-shirt and bring along my kembalikan negara ku poster to pose and take photos with as many people as I can.

I hear those t-shirts will be on sale at the picnic so keep a look out for them if you want to get one.

You know why we are doing this, right?

Well, some not- so-nice people have been going around saying and doing some not-so-nice things, hoping that we will start to dislike and distrust each other.

And some of us thought, “Heck, this is our country, so why are we letting these few mess up our country?”.

So we thought we would all get together this 16th to send out a message to those not-so-nice people that we will not let them mess up our Malaysia.

Yes, our Malaysia.

See you all there.





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