Leave you people? Nah! Where else could I get roti canai at 3am?

Posted on September 19, 2014




Today, my weekly column appears in the Rakyat Times. You can read it HERE.

And it is slated to appear every Friday.

I hope that through this column, I may continue to serve the cause of the Rakyat, and I hope to continue to have the support and encouragement that you have all given me over the years of my writing here.

This blog has served me well the last 7 years in reaching out to all of you.

From today, this blog will continue as the medium by which ABU And Negara-Ku messages are got out to you.

What, you thought ABU was over and done with?

Banish the thought!

For now, my friends and I in ABU work covertly.

In my second application for a visa to enter Australia last year, after the first was refused, to address their concerns that I had no intention of leaving Australia to come home because of the sedition charge hanging over my head, I had, in an addendum to the second application, said :

“My present work, to take back our nation from a thieving regime and to bring justice, long overdue, to 40% of our people who have been long deprived of educational and economic opportunities, work for which I have given up the comfort of my previous lifestyle, is not yet done. I will not abandon my people”.

Nothing has changed.


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