Resign Datuk Bandar!

Posted on November 17, 2014


by Singa Terhormat

A few days ago I took a walk in the morning at the Taman Zaaba park in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) Kuala Lumpur.

The park then was largely patronised by several retirees and some younger folk having their morning exercise.

For those not familiar with TTDI, it is an upper middle-class housing estate.

Among its residents are former FT Minister, Raja Nong Chik and former Datuk Bandar, Tan Sri Kamaruzaman.

In fact the former Datuk Bandar’s house is practically at the doorstep of the park.


The following are photographs taken on that day of some parts of the park.


photo 2







The seesaw.

The picture speaks for itself but note too that only one of four of the handles to the two seesaws remain.

In the condition they are, would any kid even go near them?


photo 12








photo 111








How atrocious! Can anyone guess when these seats were last cleaned?

5 years ago? 10? Never?


photo2 3







photo 24








Notice the broken seats. And the table is just yucks!

Can we have the Datuk Bandar and FT Minister have a meal at that table?

I will gladly pay for the meal.


photo 15








Can you spot the benches between the ‘invading’ bamboo?

Is DBKL even aware that the benches are there?


photo 14







photo2 2











photo 13











And they go around checking houses for dengue mosquitoes?

Why do they look for a splinter in your eye when they ignore the log in theirs?


photo 21










The walk path, covered with thick slime and moss, all ripe for an accident to occur.

Any resident who has slipped and fallen should sue DBKL for gross dereliction of duty.


photo 5


















Just look at the state of the badminton courts.

Again, an accident just waiting to happen. Do they not care?

Its time the people started suing DBKL for any mishap that happens.


photo 53









And look at the roller skating rink.

Just shocking!


The FT Ministry and DBKL recently insisted on increasing the tax assessment of properties.

Why? Why increase when you cannot even do a decent job and provide decent service to the rakyat?


Datuk Bandar you deserve to be sacked. Resign from your job! You are a disgrace.

And take your top management with you too. All of you are a disgrace.


Surely it is high time we should have accountability from such officials through local government elections.

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