The 52% strike back : No Seat Increase

Posted on November 17, 2014




On behalf of BN, the Election Commission is expected to propose an increase, via the imminent delimitation exercise, in our parliamentary seats from the present 222.

BN cannot push this increase through on the strength of their own seats as such an increase requires a 2/3 majority in Parliament.

BN does not have that requisite majority.


We, the 52% who voted for change at the last GE, and not Pakatan Rakyat, denied BN a 2/3 majority.

Now we hear that UMNO and the EC are in negotiations with one or more of the opposition parties to work out a ‘sharing’ of the proposed increased seats.

My sources tell me that PAS is the cause for concern.

With this video,

ABU launches its campaign to reach out to the 52% to stop this seat increase.

In the coming days, this campaign will begin to take shape and will be announced here and at the ABU Facebook page.

For now, please help to viral out this video to everyone you know to be part of that 52%.