ISMA intent on embarrassing itself

Posted on November 25, 2014


by Singa Terhormat

I came across the following in the website.



It is a regret that a national laureate such as Datuk A. Samad Said accused ISMA was acting on behalf of a ‘certain power’ in regards to the issue of threats to Islam and the Malays. If it is come from some politicians who always used such an excuse (accusing a certain political party behind every event or scene etc), it can be understood as they always used it to escape the truth of the matter.

Pak Samad is either naïve or maybe blind to the fact that he and few other Malay leaders may have been manipulated by certain parties in the name of human or national rights? Clear evidences, events and petitions to challenge Islam and Malays have been around in the last few years in this country, showing the real threats.

What more do ISMA want? ISMA is always consistent in its struggle to uphold the sovereign of Islam and Malays; and never waive from its stand. Even in the case of constitution, ISMA is defending every right of Malay and Muslim that is being challenged day to day from those who are greedy and regards those championing Islam and Malays as the threat to the harmony and national unity. In fact these greedy people are really the one that are extremists; and pose threats to our country.

ISMA wants the very declaration of the constitution that Islam is the religion of the Federation being truly practices as mentioned by the former Yang  Arif Hakim Mohd. Noor Abdullah in the case of  Meor Atiqulrahman Ishak and others vs Fatimah Sihi and others which stated:

“…  Peruntukan ‘Islam ialah agama bagi Persekutuan tetapi agama-agama lain boleh diamalkan dengan aman dan damai’ bermakna Islam adalah agama utama di antara agama-agama lain yang dianuti di negara ini. Islam bukan setaraf dengan agama lain, bukan duduk  berganding bahu atau berdiri sama tegak. Ia duduk di atas, ia berjalan dahulu, terletak di tempat medan dan suaranya lantang kedengaran. Ini bermakna Kerajaan bertanggungjawab memelihara, menyemarak dan mengembangkan Islam seperti mana yang termampu dilakukan oleh Kerajaan sekarang, dan agama-agama lain hendaklah diatursuai dan dihalatuju ke arah yang menjamin supaya ia diamalkan dengan aman damai dan tidak menggugat kedudukan utama agama Islam….”

ISMA wants all those claimed to be a loyal Malaysian citizen to recognize and respect the rights and special status of Malays, Muslims and Rulers as in the constitution. ISMA never question the rights of non-Muslim and non-Malays to practice their religions and cultures in this country.

To defend one’s right, being cautious and worries is a wise thing to have. Do you want to repeat the fate of several other nations including ours who lost their rights and sovereignity because of the ‘tak apa’ and careless attitudes?

Prof Dato’ Dr Ir Badhrulhisham Abdul Aziz

Ketua Unit Kajian Dasar ISMA



I have marked in bold and italicized the laughable and atrocious use of the English language for your ease of reference.

From a Professor, no less.

A Dr. too? A Ph.D holder? And a Dato for good measure!

Someone appointed by ISMA to head its policy matters?

Someone who cannot write a decent sentence in English without “murdering” the language. Or is that the work of ISMA’s official English translator?

No wonder ISMA is what it is.

Hey ISMA! Take a little advice. Try educating yourselves a little bit more. It would save you quite a bit of embarrassment. And save us the agony of reading your horrendous use of language.


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