The 52% strike back : Are we playing poison ball?

Posted on November 26, 2014


many-colours-one-dreamB034f_malYou remember that game in school?

poison ball 1Where the object was to not be caught with the ‘poison ball’ in your possession?

Pas the buck, if you will.

Now what has this got to do with the 52% campaign that ABU launched to get the rakyat to work together to prevent a parliamentary seat increase, so that we might not be cheated again come the 14th GE?

So as to optimise the outreach of my “The 52% strike back : Dear Yang Berkhidmat” post to as many of you who voted for change in the 13th GE, I carried that post on my Facebook page.

Even promoted it, in the hope of getting it out far and wide.

And it did.


As you can see, it reached 95,136 people.

There were 861 likes.

And 335 shares.

Not bad, the ABU team and I thought.

Should give us a good response to this campaign.

Or so we thought.

As at last night, 11pm, only 53 have written to their MP.

The team and I met last night.

Could it be that the task of letter-writing to the MP is too complicated?

We timed it, given that a template and the email addresses of the MPs concerned have been provided.

10 minutes, max.

So why the poor response, we asked?

Are all those likes, those shares, a convenient ‘pass the buck’ to the next person to do something while the ‘liker’ and ‘sharer’ looks on, doing nothing?

Have we naively expected that people would step up to take ownership of our electoral process, do something rather than just content themselves with bitching in cyberspace?

Have we mistakenly assumed that the majority of people do really care, and will go beyond cheering from the cyber sidelines?

Should we just give up on the Malaysian middle class?

You tell me.