A challenge to Najib

Posted on April 15, 2015


by Singa Terhormat

Hi Najib aka Jibby,

So you have got all those sycophants carrying you on their shoulders and other groups extolling their support for you?

As Mat Taib correctly pointed out, what is there to celebrate? You have not won anything yet but are instead evading answering Dr. M’s questions.

Shouts of support are not answering Dr. M’s questions, Jibby. Why not just answer his questions? Are you afraid of the answers?

Anyway why not put matters to the test? Arrange for Dr. M to host his own gathering and see how many people turn out in support of his questions to you and demanding answers. Stadium Merdeka should do. It may significantly herald a new independence for this nation.

I bet you will be surprised at the turnout. Or perhaps you already know.

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