Lets clean up KL this weekend. Putrajaya next!

Posted on August 26, 2015


many-colours-one-dream923089_576322912401152_1069880995_nOn 14th April, 2007, the day this blog was launched, I wrote : “This blog, then, is about civil society reclaiming its power to determine who are the law-makers in Parliament today who are worthy of the trust reposed in them by the people and if, sadly, we discover there are none presently, to make an informed informed decision of who we will next install in the people’s parliament.”

Last year, on 19th September, in announcing that I would be writing a weekly column in the Rakyat Times, I had said : “This blog has served me well the last 7 years in reaching out to all of you. From today, this blog will continue as the medium by which ABU And Negara-Ku messages are got out to you. What, you thought ABU was over and done with? Banish the thought! For now, my friends and I in ABU work covertly.”

I have been meaning to write and update all of you on the status of the temporarily shut down Rakyat Times. This will have to hold until after this weekend.

Last week, in Bangsar, I was approached by a young man who asked where ABU is now.

“In the hearts of the 52% who voted to get rid of the robbers and thieves in Putrajaya last GE. Courtesy of Najib, those numbers grow daily”, I replied.

He remarked that he and his friends thought, owing to my long silence, that either I had given up on the nation or, worse, sold out.

My reply to him, and to any of you wondering the same, is this.

I haven’t given up, and, no, I have not sold out.

More than ever, I am determined to see this nation rid of blood suckers in Putrajaya.


Can we start this weekend?

Remember 3.0?

250,000-300,000 on the streets of KL?

If each of you out there on that historic day would return again this weekend, bringing one more, we would double that number.

That would be a powerful message of a unifying people no longer prepared to put up with the nonsense that we have had to endure from this morally bankrupt regime.

We meet this weekend to clean up KL.

In the days after, if you wish to,IMG_20150826_170134[1] lets talk about Putrajaya.