For Riza, US$41m worth of gambling chips. Rakyat, BRIM & GST

Posted on July 22, 2016


many-colours-one-dream923089_576322912401152_1069880995_nI spent the better part of yesterday reading for the second time the Complaint filed by the US Justice Dept.

Its been well analysed and dissected by Malaysiakini. For those of you who are not subscribed to Malaysiakini, I think its time you spent some money to support their news reporting.

Malaysian Official 1 is mentioned in something like 15-20 paragraphs. No doubt about who it is.

Najib, PM of 47% of voters at the 13th GE, Malaysian or otherwise.

“The attorney-general intends to clarify that at no point in the civil claim filed by the US DOJ is the prime minister named as a defendant or have been alleged to have committed any criminal wrongdoing,” , Malaysiakini reported AG Apandi Ali as saying in a statement today.

I will let you all in on a not-so-well kept secret. Few at the Bar thought much of this fellow.

The only reason Najib is not named a defendant in the Complaint is that the USJD does not know of any property acquired by Najib using 1MDB funds he had unlawfully obtained. Were it otherwise, Najib would have been named. In fact, courtesy of statements made by Apandi at his now infamous press conference where he waved evidence at  the press present, now quoted in the Complaint, Malaysian Official 1 is indisputably a reference to Najib.

Najib not  alleged to have committed any criminal wrongdoing, Mr. AG?

At page 55 of the Complaint  : “Once funds were transferred from Aabar-BVI to Blackstone, they were used to make payments to Qubaisi and Husseiny, who served as officers of both Aabar and Aabar-BVI, to Malaysian Official 1 and 1MDB Officer 3. The distribution of these funds from the Blackstone account for the personal benefit of officers involved in the bond deal further evidences a misappropriation of public funds and the diversion of the bond proceeds from their intended purpose”.

At page 60 of the Complaint : “Blackstone was used as an intermediary to obscure the fact that 1MDB bond proceeds were being sent from Aabar-BVI-of which Qubaisi and Husseiny were directors, to accounts that were beneficially owned by Qubaisi, Husseiny, Malaysian Official 1, and 1MDB Officer 3. The funds sent to accounts belonging to Qubaisi, Husseiny, Malaysian Official 1, and 1MDB Officer 3, as described above, were unlawfully  misappropriated from 1MDB and /or IPIC”.

Unlawfully misappropriated aka theft, learned AG.

Receiving stolen property to your own benefit.

I give you a flag to wave on National Day. Good manners prescribes you accept graciously with an expression of gratitude.

I bank in US$20m into your bank account, Mr AG. One in your position and of your standing and integrity must immediately lodge a report with MACC, lest it be said that you were partaking of some illegal self-enrichment.

Or do you just keep it and say, no criminal wrongdoing?

Reading the detailed scheming that must have been hatched by all the culprits, named and mentioned, over the months and years, to rob hard working and hard living Malaysians of billions of dollars left me numb.

Until I got to page 65.

Anger I have not felt in such a long time welled in me.

Tears of anger flowed as I thought of our children who must share school uniforms with siblings, parents who must forego much needed medical attention so that they might feed their children, workers refused a humane minimum wage and so having to take on a second and third job in the hope of making ends meet.

Page 65 reports that in less than a month, between  21st June, 2012 and 15th July, 2012 Riza, Jho Low and Tan, together with others from the Wolf of Wall Street production, blew US$41million at the casinos!

US$41m may seem trivial when seen against the billions involved, but it is this wanton waste on hedonistic pleasure in total disregard for the millions who struggle in their daily lives just to get by, that, today, serves to remind me once again why the good people of this nation must rise together to rid ourselves of this cancer that UMNO/BN has long become.

Malaysiakini reports  political risk consultants Eurasia as saying that Najib’s  “supporters placed in key positions across government will continue to shield the prime minister from any probe by blocking access to information or evidence that could implicate him”.

Its happening already.

See the AG’s statement above. He als0 now says there is no evidence that 1MDB has gone AWOL, having earlier ordered MACC to close all investigations into this matter. Will he now order MACC to resume investigations?

The IGP does not wish to  comment on the USJD Complaint as it is a civil matter involving the loss of US$3.5B of 1MDB aka rakyat’s money through criminal misappropriation by Najib’s stepson and his gambling kakis. Have no fear, though. PDRM investigation is expeditiously underway. Once concluded, it will be handed over to the relevant authority.

The AG.

Can we all go to sleep now, content?


Then what?

Continue to blog here or comment on Malaysiakini until we are blue in our faces?

Malaysiakini reports today that my friend, Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng has lodged a police report demanding an investigation of the missing US$3.5B and the involvement of Riza, Jho Low and Malaysian Official 1 in the same. He’s given the police 1 week to get moving or face ‘drastic action’, including peaceful street demonstrations.

Maria Chin Abdullah has just announced that Bersih 5.0 may well happen. Consultations are underway for a consensus.

Even Mahathir has  got in on the act. He’s calling for a rally, consistent with his agenda, that Najib step down.

Yes, I’ve been making my views known on Mahathir’s stand, but let me say this now.

Mahathir is what, 91 or 92 years old?

And while I still will not trust him or take a chance with him for all he has done to our country and seeing no sense of regret from him for the same, I have to applaud him and say he, at least, is not confining fighting  his cause to a keyboard.

Mahathir says “Malaysians are timid. In other countries, millions take to the streets. Malaysians are very nice, we don’t normally hold such protests” – Malaysiakini.

He seems to have forgotten the Reformasi protest rallies in 1998, the Kesas Highway protest and the Anti-ISA rallies during his time as PM.

But, yes, that was then.

Is he right?

Are we timid?

Unlike Mahathir, I don’t want to just see Najib removed.

I am still ABU.

Remove Najib.

Remove UMNO.

Remove BN.

Deliver to the people of Sabah and Sarawak what was promised them, to the letter, in 1963.

Restore the institutions of state back to the people.

Remove all draconian laws.

Put in place a needs-based, not race-based, program to alleviate and uplift the lives of the many millions, so long deprived and marginalised.

God knows He has blessed this nation with the wealth to enable us, yes us, you and I, to undertake this duty.

Do we have the courage?

We fear?

Go to your houses of worship and pray for 3 revolutions.

First, that your heart be filled with so much love for our downtrodden, that your heart be filled with so much determination to ensure that this travesty never ever happens to our people again, and that, by this, we may overcome all fears that may come our way.

Second, that our minds be steeled enough to face whatever adversity may be thrown our way.

Third, that we will bring a tsunami of change to our land such as has never been seen before.

Take the cue from Zunar.  Interviewed by Australia National University’s web magazine New Mandala, this is what he said : “We need to cross the line. This is the line of fear we call it. It is not a normal line. It is a line of fear. If you don’t cross it, we are trapped in there forever. The system will be very happy. The government will be very happy if you don’t want to cross the line. I hope more and more people will cross it (the line). We must break the system. If not, they (the government) will be very happy. Now Malaysia has been governed by the same party for more than 60 years. If we don’t cross the line, we will give mandate for another 60 years to them. I don’t know if I will win or lose, but if I don’t fight, I’ll definitely lose,”

My conviction for sedition still stands. Appeal pending.

I remain free and ready to stand with each of you to rise and take our country back.