Ini bukan negaraku. Saya sini cari makan

Posted on September 20, 2016


many-colours-one-dream923089_576322912401152_1069880995_nYou could readily expect such a response from a Bangladeshi, an Indonesian or a Myanmari if you called upon any such person to take up arms to defend our nation against an external threat.

He or she is here to earn what he can to send back to his family in his faraway homeland.

What, though, of those who, in forms, state “MALAYSIAN” as their nationality, yet by their attitude towards all that is happening in the nation, are no different from that Bangladeshi, Indonesian or Myanmari?

This nation, to them, is just a place to cari makan.

“Register to vote? What’s the point?”

Ini negaraku, tapi saya sini cari makan.

“Object to the redelineation? I am sure many will step forward”.

Ini negaraku, tapi saya sini cari makan.

“Bersih 5.0, ah? See, lah, how”.

Ini negaraku, tapi saya sini cari makan.

In these last few months, after my conviction and sentence on the sedition charge, I have quietly stepped up the ABU efforts. In the course of this, I have people coming up to me, asking how I have been and why I have been so quiet of late, and then urging me to step up and take up where I left off after the last GE, and to “fight the good fight”. Yet when I tell them it is not just my fight and that they have to stop this “proxy war” mentality, leaving the fight to others, and that they, too, must join me to “fight the good fight”, a slew of reasons, ranging from children, jobs and financial security  are proffered as to why they cannot.. One even laughed off my suggestion with “Sorry, I do not share your passion for this nation”.

My passion for my nation, particularly the 40% who remain marginalised and far removed from economic, educational social opportunities, has not abated.

My circumstances, though, as a father facing a pending jail sentence, requires me to divide my time between my passion for my people and my obligation to ensure that if and when I begin serving that sentence, the passage of my son through his on-going tertiary studies is not, for that reason, disrupted.

This obligation aside, I am as committed today to see UMNO/BN removed from Putrajaya and to have this nation returned to the people.

This effort, though, is going to require the coming together of us all.

In these last 24 hours, as I have busied myself collating information from various sources as to how we can best resist the redelineation that the Election Commission is plotting to inflict upon us, so that I may do my follow up post to the redelineation post last Sunday, I have had to encounter a few who have thrust before me  the sad reality that for many who mark their nationality as “Malaysian”, “tanah tumpahnya darahku” means little or nothing to them.

Ini negaraku, tapi saya sini cari makan.

Sleep has escaped me as I despair for my nation.