PJ Selatanites, EC is plotting to gerrymander and malapportion your constituency again

Posted on September 25, 2016


many-colours-one-dream923089_576322912401152_1069880995_nThe meeting at the office of YB Hee Loy Sien proceeded at 11am yesterday.

Six registered PJ Selatan voters attended.

Yes, a motley crew, but my many years of activism has taught me to be grateful for the few who step up to the task at hand.

Thank you for being there.

YB Rajiv, ADUN for Bukit Gasing, was also present.


Hee and Rajiv briefing us on what was at the 13th GE and what EC is planning to inflict upon PJ Selatan through the intended redelineation exercise


Before I tell you what we learnt at the meeting, let me first tell you what is in store this week to kick off our challenge to the EC’s illegal move to mess about with our constituency.

Date : 27th September, 2016

Time : 9.30am

Venue : Service Centre of YB Rajiv,

7A, Jalan 52/8, 46200 Petaling Jaya.

Tel : 03-79542020


What’s happening?

First, our elected representatives are getting the necessary forms available to enable registered PJ Selatan voters to register as objectors.

At 9.30am, a press conference will take place to announce this and to enable our representatives to share further information with PJ Selatanites.

They will also then be on hand to assist in registering PJ Selatan objectors.

I will be there to register as an objector in both the PJ Selatan parliamentary seat as well as the Bukit Gasing state seat.

I ask you to help me fill the service centre of YB Rajiv until there is only standing room.

I know it is a working day, but we need to come together, go beyond merely registering  our disgust and horror through comments online, and come out into real time and send a strong message to EC and the courts that we are not prepared to take this continued illegal and unconstitutional violation and interference of our right to determine the future of this country.

If you really cant make it on Tuesday morning, check with the contact details above as to when and how you can proceed to register yourself as objectors.

And please, please step forward to register yourselves as objectors.

Remember, cut off date is 14th October, 2016.

Let me now share with you what  we learnt yesterday so you can appreciate the gravity of our situation.

At PRU 13, our parliamentary constituency, P105 PJ Selatan, was made up of two state seats. N33 Taman Medan and N34 Bukit Gasing. Opposition made a clean sweep of the parliamentary and two state seats,

Constituency               Total no. of voters      Majority by which opposition won at 13th GE

P105 PJ Selatan                      79,558                                                     19,216

N33 Taman Medan               44,974                                                      3,731

N34 Bukit Gasing                 34,584                                                     15,842

I’d categorise the win in Bukit Gasing as landslide whilst that in Taman Medan and the parliamentary seat as comfortable.

The ethnic breakdown of the 79,588 PJ Selatan voters at the 13th GE was as follows :

Malay : 40%

Chinese : 42%

Indians : 16%

The proposed redelineation, if it goes through,will first see the name of parliamentary seat P105 changed from PJ Selatan to just Petaling Jaya. Then, the state seat of N32 Seri Setia, presently part of the parliamentary seat of Kelana Jaya, will be gerrymandered to now be made part of the new Petaling Jaya. Finally, we will see the migration of voters through the shifting of polling stations.

Seri Setia was also won by the opposition in the last election. Below are the details.

Constituency               Total no. of voters      Majority by which opposition won at 13th GE

N32 Seri Setia                        39,548                                                     4,663

Another comfortable win for the opposition.

What changes will this redelineation bring about in real terms?

First, the new P105 Petaling Jaya will now have 3 state seats, instead of the previous 2.

How are the number of voters in the parliamentary seat and the 3 state seats affected, overall?

Constituency               Total no.of voters at 13th GE    Total no. of voters post-redelineation

P105 Petaling Jaya                       79,558                                                  129,363

N32 Seri Setia                              39,548                                                    47,393

N33 Taman Medan                     44,974                                                   39,088

N34 Bukit Gasing                       34,584                                                    42,882

How will this redelineation, if carried through, affect the ethnic composition of registered voters in the new P105 Petaling Jaya?

Ethnic group             13th GE         Post redelineation

Malay :                           40%                        42%

Chinese :                        42%                       36%

Indians :                         16%                        20%

The first observation is that, by gerrymandering, EC will have turned P105 into a Malay-majority constituency.

The increase in the number of voters in this parliamentary constituency by 49,805 registered voters has principally come about by carving Seri Setia out of Kelana Jaya and plonking it into P105.

The question is, why?

Bukit Gasing, the landslide victory seat, and Seri Setia, won comfortably, see an increase in the number of voters, whilst the other comfortable state seat won, Taman Medan, sees a decline in the number of voters.

How, and why, has this come about?

Migration of polling stations, and hence voters, from one place to another.

3 polling stations will be moved from Taman Medan to Bukit Gasing. These are Section 2 (1,944 voters), Section 14 Utara (2,137 voters) and Section 14 Selatan (1,619 voters). Mostly non-Malay, and, most likely, opposition voters.

More on how the number of registered voters in Bukit Gasing will be increased.

Polling stations in Damansara Utama, part of what is presently the parliamentary seat of PJ Utara, will be moved to Bukit Gasing. Section 17A (1,764 voters) and Section 19 (1,802 voters). Mixed ethnicity and mostly opposition voters.

Where does the increase in the number of registered voters in Seri Setia come from?

From the movement of two polling stations into Seri Setia. Ara Damansara, presently part of the Subang parliamentary seat (3,256 voters) and Taman TTDI Jaya, part of Shah Alam parliamentary seat (4,646 voters).

Note that half of the voters being moved from Taman TTDI Jaya into Seri Setia are army postal voters. You must already be aware of the implications of this.

Here’s my take on what’s being contrived in our constituency.

UMNO/BN is prepared to lose Bukit Gasing by an even bigger majority come the 14th GE. So, Bukit Gasing is being made the ‘dumpsite’ where opposition voters identified in Taman Medan and Seri Setia, not to mention those in Damansara Utama, can be moved to.

Then shore up UMNO/BN votes in Seri Setia by moving pro-UMNO/BN voters there from Subang and Shah Alam

Thus improving the odds of UMNO/BN now taking the comfortable state seats of Taman Medan and Seri Setia, and giving up on the “hard to win anyway” Bukit Gasing.

Two out of three state seats and the parliamentary seat of Petaling Jaya is also theirs.

Don’t forget that if this redelineation comes to pass, our constituency will have been transformed into a Malay-majority constituency. You can bet your last ringgit that the increased number of Malay voters will be pro-UMNO/BN.

What do we need to do?

First, PJ Selatan voters.

Voters in the section 2, Section 14 Utara and Section 14 Selatan polling stations, your presence as objectors is desperately needed. Please step forward to defend our right to decide on our representation at the 14th GE.

Bukit Gasing and PJ Selatan voters, this redelineation exercise will effectively dilute the value of our vote. Don’t take this lying down. Step forward to offer yourselves as objectors. Let EC know that we will not surrender our constituency to their political masters.

Now to the other voters.

Those in Seri Setia, please turn to your Kelana Jaya MP for clarification on what you can do to stop this unconstitutional move to transfer you to Petaling Jaya out of Kelana Jaya.

Similarly, voters in Subang, Damansara Utara and Shah Alam, please go to your respective MPs and work with them to oppose this immoral redelineation.

We only have until 14th October, 2016 to register our objections with EC.