Doc, please cut the bullshit!

Posted on September 11, 2017


many-colours-one-dream923089_576322912401152_1069880995_nMany are quite taken in by Mahathir’s statement reported on Malaysiakini on 25/8/2017 that he does not believe in Ketuanan Melayu.

I will write about this on another day.

Today, I want to address the rest of the rubbish that he is reported to have said.

“Earlier, he had said that the country had struck upon a good formula for the multiracial and multi-religion society to co-exist peacefully.

Malaysians had decided that each group should retain their identities without assimilating, he said, while still being able to live together.

“Of course, it becomes very difficult to create a truly Malaysian identity, but I think the retention of our ethnic or national identity has benefitted Malaysia.

“We still know that we are Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indian and Malaysian Malay, but we can get along very well. So far we have done that, but we should not disturb the balance.

“Today the balance is just nice,” he said.

He pointed out that the Chinese control the economy while the Malays “do better” in politics, before saying that he does not believe in “Ketuanan Melayu”….

However, Mahathir said, Malaysia’s founding fathers were very smart and
decided to share the country among the different races.

“If anyone tried to take 100 percent for themselves, this country will never grow, and that 100 percent will be very, very small.

“Whereas, if we share, each slice of cake that we share will grow bigger than the whole cake over time, so the idea of sharing is a great idea,” he said.

Apart from Singapore, he added, other countries which gained their independence around the same time as Malaysia are still lagging far behind the development that Malaysia has achieved, he said.

“Malaysia is a model for the rest of the world”.

Why is this rubbish?

Well, he mentioned Singapore, so let me reproduce something, duly edited, I wrote earlier about Singapore and then you decide if this old bugger is talking c@#k!


9th August, 47 years ago, Singapore was expelled from the newly formed Malaysia.

Blogger KTemoc reports, and many have confirmed this, that “When LKY had no further choice but to accept the expulsion he actually broke down during a televised press conference, stating emotionally:


Singapore River in the 60’s



Singapore in the 70’s and 80’s



“For me, it is a moment of anguish. All my life, my whole adult life, I … I believed in Malaysian merger and unity of the two territories. You know that we, as a people are connected by geography, economics, by ties of kinship … It broke everything we stood for ……. “

Forty-five years later, in 2010, in an interview with the New York Times, LKY had this to say :

“Well, first I regret having been turfed out of Malaysia.  I think if the Tunku had kept us together, what we did in Singapore, had Malaysia accepted a multiracial base for their society, much of what we’ve achieved in Singapore would be achieved in Malaysia.  But not as much because it’s a much broader base. We would have improved inter-racial relations and an improved holistic situation.  Now we have a very polarized Malaysia, Malays, Chinese and Indians in separate schools, living separate lives and not really getting on with one another”.

So, what did Singapore achieve, that LKY asserts we in Malaysia did not, and, if he is right, why did we not?

In my view, two reports say it all.


Singapore today


On 15th August, 2012, The Wall Street Journal, relying on a report released by Knight Frank and Citi Private Wealth, reported that Singapore is “the wealthiest nation in the world by GDP per capita, beating out Norway, the U.S., Hong Kong and Switzerland”.


This, the islanders south of Johor achieved notwithstanding the island nation state being, as described by The New York Times, in its edited report of that interview with LKY, a ‘resource-poor island’.

Below are excerpts from that LKY interview that give an insight on his views on some of the things that  Singapore did right to get to where they are now.

“We made quite sure whatever your race, language or religion, you are an equal citizen and we’ll drum that into the people and I think our Chinese understand and today we have an integrated society.  Our Malays are English-educated, they’re no longer like the Malays in Malaysia and you can see there are some still wearing headscarves but very modern looking.”

…if you chose the easy way… and switch to racial politics, this society is finished.  The easiest way to get majority vote is vote for me, we’re Chinese, they’re Indians, they’re Malays.  Our society will be ripped apart.  If you do not have a cohesive society, you cannot make progress.”

…All are thoroughly mixed.  Willy-nilly, your neighbours are Indians, Malays, you go to the same shopping malls, you go to the same schools, the same playing fields, you go up and down the same lifts.  We cannot allow segregation.”

…don’t play race, language, religion.  We’ve got here, we’ve become cohesive, keep it that way.  We’ve not used Chinese as a majority language because it will split the population.  We have English as our working language, it’s equal for everybody, and it’s given us the progress because we’re connected to the world”.

And his thoughts on where we went wrong?

“Malaysia took the different line; Malaysians saw it as a Malay country, all others are lodgers, “orang tumpangan”, and they the Bumiputras, sons of the soil, run the show. So the Sultans, the Chief Justice and judges, generals, police commissioner, the whole hierarchy is Malay. All the big contracts for Malays.  Malay is the language of the schools although it does not get them into modern knowledge.  So the Chinese build and find their own independent schools to teach Chinese, the Tamils create their own Tamil schools, which do not get them jobs. It’s a most unhappy situation”.


The other report I will refer to after this, I believe, will bear out that the short excerpt below from LKY’s interview puts in sharp contrast Mahathir, Pak Lah and Najib, on the one hand, and their Singapore counterparts, on the other, and best explains why, even as Singapore is today touted as the world’s richest nation, we may be on the brink of financial disaster, if not bankruptcy.

“We are non-corrupt.  We lead modest lives”.

Whilst Singapore, with scant natural resources at its disposal, has made it to the top, Sabah, probably the most blessed resources-wise, is reported by the World Bank in a report in November, 2010, as the poorest. The report, in PDF, is linked below. Read from page 64 on if you  want to get straight to the part in question.


Impoverished household in Sabah. 40% of poor households are to be found in Sabah


World Bank Malaysian Economic Monitor

Awang Abdillah, in his comment in FMT , offers one very important perspective.

First, both Sabah and Sarawak were duped, the former, it seems by means most foul, to part with their oil for a miserly royalty of 5% of all the oil that rightfully belongs to the people of Sabah and Sarawak.

Then, quoting Awang, “the oil revenues allocated to Sarawak and Sabah are meagre sums. However, the actual development funds returned and allocated to the two states from the petroleum revenue earned by the federal government fall far below


Extreme poverty in Sarawak drives young children into the labour force


the requirements of the two states. This can be judged by the slow development of the state transport and infrastructure projects such as highways and bridges ,and the state of poverty prevalent in the rural areas. Even if there are substantial allocations of funds for development projects, most of them would go to the BN crony companies with very much inflated, unreasonable contract prices”.

What was it LKY said?

“We are non-corrupt.  We lead modest lives”.

LKY said one other thing towards the end of that interview.

“I’m not saying that everything I did was right, but everything I did was for an honourable purpose”.

Can Mahathir say the same?

What does he tell us now?

“Today the balance is just nice”

“Malaysia is a model for the rest of the world”