Posted on September 16, 2017



Penned by Jayanath Appudurai

My Fellow Malaysians,

Do you remember these words?

Malaysia kita sudah berjaya,

Aman makmur bahagia

Malaysia abadi selamanya,

Berjaya dan Berjaya!


Berbagai kaum sudah berikrar

Menjunjung cita-cita

Satu bangsa satu bahasa

Malaysia berjaya!


Dari Perlis sampailah ke Sabah

Kita sudah merdeka

Negara makmur rakyat mewah

Kita sudah berjaya!


Dengar semboyan kita berjaya

Gemuruh di angkasa

Satu bangsa satu negara

Malaysia berjaya!       


How can we in good conscience, wish each other “Selamat Hari Malaysia ke 54”

When our dream of One People, One Nation lies in tatters?

When the very persons that tore asunder our “Jiwa Bangsa”

Are now deified as the saviours of the Nation?

When the patron saint of the supremacist ideology,

Is now the messiah of the Save the Nation lot?

Surely, we are in desperate straits as we clutch at proverbial straws,

Hoping against hope, that some unseen hand

Will deliver the promised dream!

What do we tell our children and grand-children, and the generations to come;

That we failed miserably….!

To stem the tide of ethno-religious primordialism,

At the expense of our Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara.

That our hearts bled for the plight of our ethno-religious tribes, near and far;

Whilst we were blissfully blind to our own poor, oppressed and marginalised?

That we have become the unabashed purveyors of bigotry and hate?

That we were, and still are arrogant hypocrites

Living in our demented, cocooned silos;

Passing judgment on our fellow citizens,

With nary a thought for our shared destiny?


Clichéd as it is…

Change really does begin with each of us.

To cast aside our blinkered ethno-religious lenses;

To break the shackles of State-sponsored apartheid;

To reach out to our fellow citizens; and

To re-plant the seeds of our collective vision of ” Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara.”


So, come 16 September 2018, we can hopefully in good conscience,

Wish each other……

“Malaysia Kita Sudah BERJAYA…

Selamat Hari Malaysia ke 55.”


For those who feel inclined to rekindle their “semangat jiwa bangsa” go to link below:-