Use him by all means, but no PMship for Dr M, please

Posted on December 10, 2017


many-colours-one-dream923089_576322912401152_1069880995_nAbout a month or so back, I was having lunch at the Indian stall outside the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

Actually, it can no longer be regarded as a stall as it has grown into a full blown restaurant.

Aunty’s deep fried cauliflower, fish head and mutton curry is to die for!!!

If you haven’t eaten there before, you must.

Sorry, I digress.

An Indian man approached me and asked if he could sit for a while as he wished to share something with me.

“Duduklah”, I said and beckoned him to join me.

His message was short.

I was wrong. Maybe Dr M had repented his past sins and wrongs against the nation and the people. Even if he had not, let the opposition use him to get at the Malays in the heartlands. After the opposition had got rid of BN and UMNO in the 14th GE, then we can deal with Dr M.

My reply was just as short.

I asked him to imagine that he owned the eatery that we were at. For 22 years, I had managed it for him. In those 22 years, I had robbed him blind, plundering the wealth generated through the restaurant. He then got someone else to take over from me, but the new chap is proving to be even worse, leaving the business on the brink of going bust. Even worse, the new chap refuses to relinquish management of the business, and has got the cops and thugs on his side. I approach the helpless owner and urge him to let bygones be bygones and let me help him to take back management of the stall. He agrees to this.

My big question : Will he allow me to take charge of the daily cash receipts and all financial aspects of the business? Or would he put this beyond me, in this new arrangement?

He smiled, thanked me for listening, and got up and left.

In August, at a forum in the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, both Mat Sabu and Hisham Rais informed the audience that there had been no decision yet by the opposition on who would be PM if they successfully ousted BN post the 14th GE.

Pakatan Harapan have now announced that, subject to their first receiving the blessings of Anwar, Dr M will be PM and Wan Azizah his deputy.

Pakatan Harapan do not think they need the blessings of those who have supported the opposition all these years?

Are they taking for granted the support from all who have supported them all these years?

I wont pretend to speak on behalf of all of you.

I am not prepared to have Dr M as PM again.

No, I wont give my vote to BN.

And I certainly wont go the way of some who say they will not vote.

But I shall not remain silent.