Orwellian Doublethink!

Posted on April 5, 2018



By Jayanath Appudurai

So, it has come to pass….

Redelineation is not fake news.

The Anti-Fake News Law (AFNL) has nothing to do with GE14 or 1MDB!

” Knowingly” and “maliciously” saying so,

Is punishable up to a 500k fine or 6 years in prison.


The seven wise men of the EC have worked so hard,

To uphold your constitutional right to….

One Person, One Vote of Equal Value!

And yet, you have the gall to question the integrity;

Of these Honourable Men?


Understand that the AFNL is to protect you poor, ignorant flock;

From being influenced by unscrupulous persons, near and far;

Bent on destroying this idyllic land of milk and honey;

Renowned for its incorruptible stewards of good governance and justice!


Our Honourable Trustees have worked tirelessly,

To craft and enact the AFNL in record time;

So that you the citizens will not be unwittingly confused,

By malicious lies and spout them the same.

And yet – you have the audacity to question the Honourable Trustees?


Wake up People!

Do the honourable thing;

Come out and vote with a vigour unsurpassed;

Show how grateful you are to these Honourable Trustees;

And skewer the purveyors of “doublethink” to the proverbial stake!


4th April, 2018