Now we understand why Nazri had to go into politics

Posted on April 21, 2018


many-colours-one-dream923089_576322912401152_1069880995_nImagine a young Nazri Aziz, in court, representing a company facing a winding-up petition, brought by shareholders on the grounds that the directors have been acting contrary to the Articles of the company.

The profound submissions of counsel for the company on why the petition is a waste of the court’s time?


Nazri Aziz (whilst chomping on a cigar ) : M’lord, there’s nothing wrong, because our laws are made by man. When made by man, it’s surely not to the level of Islamic law. If the directors say okay, then it’s okay lah. Why say it’s not okay? There is no wrong committed, as I see it.

The bugger and his family would have starved to death if litigation was to be his rice bowl!!!

Thanks for the laugh, YB.

In your next life, you’ll be back as a stand up comic, for sure

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