What! Registered and can’t vote? So what can you do?

Posted on April 26, 2018


many-colours-one-dreamIMG-20180421-WA0051You just turned 21 years on 1st January, 2018, and the first thing you did was to go register as a voter so that you could do your part to vote out UMNO / BN come the 14th GE.

Or you missed out registering in time for the last election, nearly forgot again and just managed to register yourself in 2018, thinking, “Yes, this time I will do my part to get rid of robbers and thieves”.

Well, guess what?

In either case, you can’t vote in this 14th GE!


Either through sheer incompetence or by careful design, those who registered this year have not been gazetted and so will not be on the electoral roll to be used during the 14th GE.

If you are a young newly registered voter, especially in an urban constituency, you are seen as part of the young who are disenchanted with the UMNO / BN regime and so likely to vote the opposition.

And, so, deny you your right to vote!

You want change?

So, okay, you can’t vote, but you can join a force that is going to defend our electoral process on polling day

Even as I am writing this up and continuing up to the eve of polling day, candidates, political party workers and activists from INVOKE and other NGO are now and will continue to take the message of change to the rakyat.

On polling day, the process of voting and, later counting up the votes, will have to be monitored carefully.

You can play an important role on polling day as polling agent and counting agent, particularly in the marginal seats. These are seats won by either UMNO / BN or the opposition in the last election, with a small margin of vixtory, some as low as a few hundred votes.

Marginal UMNO / BN seats may well be won by the expected tsunami, and so need to be defended on polling day.

Similarly, marginal opposition seats may be lost if the integrity of the voting and counting process is compromised, and will also need to be defended.

I am listing below the UMNO / BN and opposition marginal seats won in the last election.

BN marginal seats 1

BN Marginal seats page 2

Opposition marginal seats

If you are registered to vote in any of these seats, your help will really be needed. Please volunteer to serve as a polling agent and counting agent on 9th May.

If you are not registered in these marginal seats, you can still volunteer as a polling agent and counting agent.

How do you go about doing this?

Below is a comprehensive list of PACA training taking place everyday in many different areas throughout the country. Click on any link and full details with contact numbers will be provided. Take it from there.


Or go to the INVOKE website and register as a volunteer.


Alternatively, contact the service centre of the opposition candidate contesting in your constituency and make the necessary arrangements.

Please do your part.