Cutting Dr M’s photo : The Rakyat strike back

Posted on May 3, 2018




You have all watched this by now.



Its our election.

Voters have a right to know who are the PM-in-waiting on both sides.

You don’t have to like Dr M to accept that he is Pakatan Harapan’s proposed PM-in-waiting.

I have come to terms with that.

Agree to disagree, as we fight to get rid of UMNO /BN, remember?

And you don’t have to be a genius to know why the Election Commission has come up with this latter day ruling.


The EC is UMNO /BN’s number 1 tool to cheat us at the 14th GE.

Now, getting angry and upset is all well and good, but that’s not going to help us in this fight to take our nation back from the robbers and thieves.

The EC ruling is in relation to the political parties.

You and I are the rakyat.

Nothing to stop us putting up photos of our choice of PM post the 14th GE.

Don’t just be angry.

Demonstrate it.

Make it known.

Here’s my suggestion.


Each of us make a 1000 copies of this photo.

Plaster it anywhere and everywhere we can.

If the authorities remove it, paste again.

Friends, bitching and griping on social media simply won’t win this battle.

Time to get our hands dirty.