Andy, your answers to my questions will answer your own

Posted on May 14, 2018


many-colours-one-dreamIMG-20180512-WA0040Andy Yong of Gerakan is unhappy that Najib and Rosmah are unable to travel out of the country owing to an immigration department blacklist.

“It is untenable for the prime minister or immigration authorities to restrict an individual’s right to travel without giving any written reason.”, FMT reports him as lamenting.

Andy then asked why the Bar Council and Bersih 2.0 were silent on this and then makes this conclusion : “Failure to provide a reason for barring travel would imply that none exists and give rise to the perception of abuse of power.”

I like this.

Andy, the voters on 9/5 who voted out BN do not believe Najib when he said that the RM2.6 billion that was transferred into his bank account was a gift from a Saudi prince.

Note that he does not deny this transaction.

Here’s my first question to you, Andy.

Do you believe Najib?

Now, the 1MDB audited report could very well have supported Najib’s claim. Yet Najib saw fit to have that report barred from public scrutiny by embargoing the same under the Official Secrets Act.

My second question.

As you have implied, can we not draw an adverse inference that had that report been made public, it would have shown Najib to be suffering from a condition known as Pinnocheotitis?

My last question.

If you had good reason to suspect someone of looting your house, would you not take reasonable steps to restrict his movement until the police arrived?

If you answered yes to the first and no to the second, and your answers are representative of all your colleagues in BN, you now know why you all lost. The rakyat are entitled to intelligent representation in parliament.

If you answered the third question in the negative, please feel free to publicise your home address as widely as possible.