Presidential debate : Din see no prez material there

Posted on June 30, 2018


many-colours-one-dreamPrez Debate On 20/5/2018, FMT reported that Kedah UMNO youth wanted Khairy to run for the party presidency. You can read that report HERE.

That same day, I sent the link to that report to an UMNO man and a Whatsapp chat ensued.

Me : Now why am I not surprised? Is this the best a reformist UMNO has to offer?

UMNO Man : That’s UMNO!

Me : No equivalent of a Nik Omar?

UMNO Man : You are joking, right?

Me : No. In terms of humility and a lack of affinity with corruption. Forget the ulamakness.

UMNO Man : Difficult to find, bro

Me : Then difficult to whip UMNO into a viable alternative.

UMNO Man : I believe in the law of nature. Water will find its own level. Sometimes the fight between two evil benefits the ordinary people.

Me : If there is no Nik Omar in UMNO, what ordinary people are you talking about? Rakyat? Right now, they are better off having nothing to do with UMNO.

UMNO Man : Agreed! Unless it changes.

Me : No credible leadership from the current crop. Zero.

UMNO Man : True. How about pakatan Government – credible? Your views

Me : They will give us the reforms we want.

UMNO Man : Insyaalah.

The conversation resumed on 13/6/2018.

Me : Are the names being touted about all that UMNO has to offer to reform itself?

UMNO Man : What names? Don’t know, bro…why you watching UMNO…ABU has succeeded ( smiley emoticon added )

Me : Kuli lah, Khairy lah, Tok Pa lah. No Nik Omar? I once told you that when UMNO loses and the young turks rise to take over leadership, if they are truly ready to reform, I am ready to work with them. Otherwise in 2 terms, PH will become a new BN. So where is the reformist in UMNO?

UMNO Man : Honestly — tak nampak langsung for now — some of them are at the bottom level

Me : It is from the bottom level that we must search and find the reformist. Not the bloody royalty and the Dato and tan sri. Pi cari.

UMNO Man : Agreed!

Me : Cari


I could not catch the debate live. Watched it later.

Two things disappointed me.

First, Kam, the host acknowledged that it was a historical debate.

It has never been done.

Zahid thanked Astro Awani for being brave in initiating the event.

However, none of the three prez hopefuls were gracious enough to acknowledge that the event was plain evidence of the changes that the new PH government has brought into our lives in the short time that they have taken office.

Such a debate, involving an opposition party, would never have been given any air time during the BN-government era.

Well done, Gobind.

Well done, Pakatan Harapan.

Keep at it, please.


Unless I am mistaken, there are 5 candidates for the post of president.

Apart from the three who debated last night, the other two are Mohamed Iqbal Maricair, from UMNO Bandar Tun Razak, and Mohd Yusof Musa @ Jamaludin, from UMNO Iskandar Puteri.

I don’t know much about the other two.

And precisely why they should have been included in the debate.

They may well be the “Nik Omar” that UMNO so badly needs.

Astro Awani, shame on you for excluding those two from the debate.

We know that the other three are no “Nik Omar”.

Far from it.

Listening to Zahid, I could not help feel that he remains arrogant and delusional, unable to come to terms with the reasons that BN lost.

He come out to blame the other component parties in BN and the “lies” spun by the opposition running into the elections.

KJ spoke in very positive terms, but that was only to be expected.

He was turning on his usual charm.

Both Zahid and KJ, in my books, have a huge credibility and integrity hurdle to overcome.

Another thing to note about both.

On 25/6/2018, the MalaysianInsight reported that “MALAYSIA’S biggest money laundering probe began last week, with some 1,000 names being investigated, including former prime minister Najib Razak, his wife, Rosmah Mansor, and the wider Razak clan, sources said. The list includes a number of Barisan Nasional (BN) politicians suspected to have been paid with the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) monies found in Najib’s bank accounts, top civil servants, businessmen and lawyers”.

What are the chances that Zahid and KJ are on that list?

Something to think about, no?

I mean, imagine being elected today and being remanded next week, and then charged the week after?

Where would that leave UMNO?

Back to square 1!

I can’t imagine that Ku Li might be on that list of about 1000 names.

He has been too far removed from the seat of power for too long.

In my books, though, he, too, is no “Nik Omar”.

What I remember of Ku Li is this.

He gave many of us hope when he formed Semangat 46, and took on Dr M.

In fact he was downright critical of Dr M then.

He led Semangat 46 into two GEs, in 1990 and 1995, but did not fare well.

So what did he do thereafter?

Folded up Semangat 46, tuck his tail between his legs, and rejoined UMNO!

This is the man who is going to reform UMNO, to first make it a viable opposition, and then a formidable party, either by itself or working through a coalition, to take Malaysia into a working two-party system at the 15th GE?

I don’t think so.

UMNO needs a “Nik Omar”.