Mr Home Minister, where are they?

Posted on August 15, 2018




Pastor Raymond Koh

Amri Che Mat

Joshua Hilmy 

Ruth Sitepu

We appreciate efforts by the PH government to trace our monies that have been squirreled away through a complex network of cross-border transactions that today is touted as the biggest ever global kleptocracy : the 1MDB scandal.

Thank you.

Of greater importance to many of us, myself included, is getting to the bottom of the disappearance of Raymond, Amri, Joshua and Ruth and, having done so, by God’s Grace, bringing them home to their loved ones.

PDRM under the previous government gave us little reason to believe that any real investigation into these disappearances was being undertaken.

What have you done in this matter since you have taken over the Home Ministry?

Where are they?

We want to know.