On the brink of a dictatorship, most vicious

Posted on August 15, 2018


many-colours-one-dreamIMG-20180512-WA0040Just a week into a new non-UMNO/BN government in place, and we were feted to exposes that suggested that the scale of the mismanagement of the national finances was much worse than most had thought.

It became increasingly clear that Najib had not been truthful about the source of the RM2.6 billion that was transferred into his bank account.

For the full 46-page report, The 1MDB Chronicles Exposed, by C4, click on the image below.

1MDB report.png How much najib took

Based on the report, it would appear that Najib received US$111 million.

The question that comes to my mind is, “How the hell did Najib expect to get away with this?”.

I think this was his gameplan.

First, win the 14th GE.

And if Najib, UMNO and BN had indeed won the last election, this would have meant that notwithstanding the humongous effort by so many to get the truth of the many financial scandals and governmental malfeasance that plagued the nation out to those who had no access to the alternative news, the Malays in the heartlands had nonetheless voted to give a  fresh mandate to Najib, UMNO and BN.

It would have been as good as telling Najib that do as he pleased, the Malays would stand by him, UMNO and BN.

Remember he already had the certificate of fitness issued to him by Apandi Ali, clearing him of any wrongdoing in the matter of the RM2.6B that found its way into his account.

And he already had judges taking judicial notice of this certificate of fitness!

Did someone say that just before the polling day on 9/5, Jho Low was in Phuket?

Was the plan to fly Mr Chubby in after the polls had been won, hold a press conference to denounce all reports, home and abroad, that 1MDB funds had been siphoned away, and to reassure all and sundry that 1MDB was doing well?

Wasn’t that what Arul Kanda was already doing in the run up to the election?

And, make no mistake, if the 14th GE had favoured the robbers and thieves, the lying mainstream media would have continued as before, propping up UMNO / BN with their lies, and would have given optimum coverage to everything Mr Chubby had to say.

Next, bring into full force and application the two laws that Najib had placed on our statute books, with a most chilling effect, silencing any and all voices of dissent, inside and outside Parliament.

The National Security Council Act.

The Anti-Fake News law.

Citizens disappearing in broad daylight, being abducted by seemingly well-trained personnel, with little action taken by the policing authorities.

Bodies dumped in cement-filled drums as a warning to those who might contemplate fighting back.

Had enough of the rakyat not arisen on 9th May to first cast enough votes and then stay back to defend their votes at the tallying centres, I might not have the liberty to be writing up this post.

We were that close to falling into a state of dictatorship of the worst possible kind