Dear Anwar

Posted on September 26, 2018


many-colours-one-dreamIMG-20180512-WA0040Last I wrote to you publicly was on 17th May, 2016.

It was in relation to a letter you had written from prison voicing your concerns about the “Dr M-led Save Malaysia and People’s Declaration initiative”.

Then, this is what I had said of your letter :

“Last night, I joined Chegubard and Arul of PSM in a debate where, in the very limited time we were each given, we endeavoured to present our serious misgivings about this initiative.

I had intended to write about the debate upon returning home a little while ago, but then, to my utter delight, I discovered that a translation of your letter had been published on Malaysiakini.

What I struggled to present in the 5 minutes allocated to me to make my case at the debate last night, you have with full clarity articulated in your 8-page letter.

Clearly, we share the same concerns.

Yes, in 2008, I said that I would take a chance with you, and the year before, on numerous occasions, I wrote to say that I wished you would give me a reason to trust you.

This letter has helped much.

Thank you”.

Again, I thank you for that letter.

Yesterday, FMT reported you as saying that “We do not want a tyranny of the majority; we also do not want tyranny of the minority”.

I would simply say, “No tyranny. Period”, but, hopefully we both mean the same.

Language can be so confusing sometimes.

Take for example, your call, as reported in that same FMT report,  for Malaysians to rise up and defend themselves against the emergence of the “super liberals”.

So there is no confusion, what, by your definition, is a super liberal?

Is a citizen, exercising his or her right of free speech, in urging that members of the LGBT community be accorded their fullest rights under the Federal Constitution, by your definition, a super liberal?

And, for the avoidance of any doubt, can I take it that by your call to rise and oppose super liberals, that you oppose such?

Its ok if you do, as it would be as much your right as it would be the right of those you label super liberals to be what they are and say what they do, but it would be good to know.

In 2000, 28 individuals and I opposed a bill that was due to be tabled in parliament which, if it became law, would have dire consequences for Muslims who did not adhere to Jakim’s brand of Islam. You can read about that HERE.

That bill seriously smacked of tyrannous overtones!

Would my being part of that group of 29 make me a super liberal, in your estimation?

And what of the proponents of that bill?

Would you see them as super or ultra conservative?

You were, at that time, already in detention, but we were then made to understand that the bill was drafted by the late Justice Harun Hashim.

At your behest.

Is that true?

And if so, what does that then make you?

Ultra conservative?

A zealot?

Not a very nice label, I know, but once the labeling game starts…

FMT also reported you as castigating some of those super liberals for speaking up against you for engineering the Port Dickson by-election, even after you “had gone through so much suffering”.

Again, the potential confusion that language may cause!

By this, are we to understand that the PD by-election is a sort of solatium from the rakyat to you to compensate you for your suffering?

What’s it costing?

RM3.6 million?

On this, your suffering, allow me to refresh your memory of a talk you delivered at the Bar Council auditorium in October, 2004, about a month after your release from prison.

For about an hour, you lamented on how, amongst others, you had suffered at the hands of an unjust system of administration of justice.

During Q&A, I was first to the mike.

I addressed the matter of your suffering and asked pointed questions.

I do not propose to repeat them or your responses here, and I hope I never ever have to.

They revolve around the law of Karma.

Sir, like most, I am happy that you are out, and fully pardoned.

A travesty undone.

Allah be praised.

I offer here, Sir, my 2-sen on two matters.

First, in April 2008, if my memory serves me well, in Kampung Baru, KL, you first spoke of Ketuanan Rakyat.

The power of the people.

Please understand that post 9th May, 2018, we, the rakyat, are no longer the people so long suppressed by BN.

We fully understand and have experienced the sheer power in our hands when we come together to bring down a hated regime.

Yes, we are fatigued from that GE and the string of by-elections that we have had to go through recently.

You spoke then of Ketuanan Rakyat.

We live it today.

We have experienced and fully understand people power.

That is my first point.

The second.

Your agreement with Dr M to replace him as PM is precisely that.

An agreement between you two, and perhaps a consensus within the PH coalition.

Nothing more.

Please do not see that as a mandate from the rakyat.

Your language in recent times leaves many with the impression that you are of the view that your becoming the 8th prime minister is a given.

And as I said earlier, language can be so confusing.

For the avoidance of doubt, let me say that you should not take your becoming the 8th PM of this beloved nation of ours as a given.

You may well ascend to that office in due course, but please do not take it as a foregone conclusion.

Many would like to get to know you better, so that we have an idea of what you will bring to that office you aspire to.

So, what’s a super liberal, in your books?

Are you an ultra conservative?

A zealot?

Pray, do tell.

Have a good day, Sir.