A breath of fresh air, Lau is

Posted on October 3, 2018


many-colours-one-dreambf9cfa8dcaadbe2225ce05344a1e582f5baf67a60f3e5Independent candidate in the PD by-election, Lau Seck Yan, unlike the other candidates, it seems, has not presented a manifesto.

Instead, she has been going around to meet voters with a blank piece of paper.


So she can have voters list down what they want addressed.

Again, why?

She says she does not want to be like political parties, promising the world, then only to deliver excuses rather than what they have promised.

 “Why should we continue to deceive the people? I do not know how to deceive the people. I am here sincerely to help you, that is why I came up with a form, for you to tell me what you want. Then from here, I will come up with my manifesto. Without that (form), it is not something I give you, it is something I want you to take”, Malaysiakini reports her as explaining.

So unpolitician-like.

She was asked how she would feel if she lost her deposit?

“To me, is that money mine? I am a Buddhist, nothing is mine. If I were to lose that, I am just giving it to the government. Our government needs the money. It is just another donation”.

How does she feel going up against political heavyweights?

Her response to this blew me away!

 “…to me, nobody is greater than the other. We are all the same, actually. I never have any fear, because you see, I am a Buddhist. As the Buddha said, have no fear in whatever you do, as long as your heart is pure and you cultivate the right path”. 

If she is for real, wouldn’t it be awesome to see PD voters not taken in by promises of multi-billion ringgit development and give a shot to an aunty who seems to have her heart in the right place?

Damn, I am so tempted to drop everything right now and head out to PD to help in any way I can in her campaign