Muhyiddin, our patience is wearing thin

Posted on October 3, 2018


many-colours-one-dreamMasnuh-650x340Your coalition, in your election manifesto, promised to repeal draconian laws, including the Sedition Act.

This has yet to be done.

If that’s not bad enough, PDRM, which comes under your purview, continues to investigate individuals under this law.

If you can’t handle PDRM or, worse, you are clueless about the continued use of this archaic law by the policing authorities, just resign and let someone else do the job.

Minister Liew, if you do read this, understand that if we are not informed that a requisite bill or bills will be tabled in parliament in the sitting coming up this month to repeal all draconian laws, including the Sedition Act, please expect a protest in Putrajaya.

Even if its just me.