Posted on May 8, 2019


many-colours-one-dreamIMG-20180512-WA0040By Jayanath Appudurai


A year on,

Come 9th May,

The euphoria will be re-lived,

The accolades will be repeated,

And the brickbats will be re-launched.


The Ruling class,

The entitled and the entrenched,

Will play its vainglorious games,

With nary a thought

For the wretched underclass,

Bar the pretentious concern,

With an eye on GE 15!


The middle, nay, muddling class,

Will live in its comfort zone,

and fight its causes,

“Whatsapeing” ad nauseum!


Who cares?

If our children miss out on the real 3r’s,

When the socially constructed  3Rs,

Provide far superior intellectual nourishment!


Who cares?

If our children go hungry,

Are under-nourished, stunted,

and face a bleak future!


Who cares?

If our children drop-out of the system,

And go missing forever!

They are the B40 after all!


Come 9th May 2020,

The sycophants will be back with their trumpets,

The naysayers with their vuvuzelas,

and the muddling class,

parroting one side or the other.


And the Ruling class,

Will be quietly sniggering,

Gloating in nauseating triumph,

At how well,

Once again,

they have played the game!


May 9th, who really cares?

They are B40 after all!