The rakyat are not ready to be equals?

Posted on September 18, 2019


many-colours-one-dreamSome years back, when Bernard Dompok was helming the National Unity Ministry, I attended his talk at the Assumption Church in PJ.

During Q&A, I put this to Bernard : I could not find the word Bumiputra in the Federal Constitution. And the Reid Commission Report clearly envisaged that the “special position” of the Malays and the indigenous of Sabah and Sarawak was never intended to last forever.

I suggested to Bernard that somehow, post May 13, 1969, leaders then had conveniently turned “special position” to “special rights” and that the nation had been conveniently cleaved into 2 : bumi and non-bumi, to enable a perpetuation of the divide-and-rule.

I told Bernard I had long denied any Bumi status or rights as it offended my religious beliefs and then suggested that, as National Unity minister, perhaps he should lead the way and do the same.

He said quite a bit in response, but to my suggestion, he was quite pointed in his reply : THE RAKYAT ARE NOT READY FOR THIS.

Was he right?

You are not ready to be equals?