Dear Mahathir,

Posted on October 6, 2019


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGod’s peace be with you.

I read with interest the report on Free Malaysia Today on things you said in relation to your attendance at the Malay Dignity Congress, and some advice you extended to Malays, generally.

In another FMT report, you are reported to have “dismissed criticisms that the Malay Dignity Congress is racist, saying there were no attacks on the Chinese and Indians”.

Were you in the Congress hall when Zainal Kling, the main organiser, delivered his speech?

If you did not hear what Zainal said, let me reproduce here what another report in  FMT credits him saying.

“He said Malaysia is for Malays just as Thailand is for the Thais, China for the Chinese, and India for the Indians”.

What was Zainal saying to the Chinese, the Indians and every non-Malay who is Malaysian?

What was he saying to the Sabahans and Sarawakians?

Thank you, we will take your wealth, but this is not your nation?

You do not belong here?

You do not see this as attacks on the non-Malays?

You apparently advised the Malays as follows : “I plead with you. Don’t sell your land. We will find ways to get returns on land owned by us. We have ways to help. Landowners can turn their land into capital.”

In this regard, let me tell you my own experience in the early 90’s.

A friend contacted me and asked to meet in the evening as he had a strong money-making opportunity to share with me.

We met that evening, along with several others he had invited.

He opened up maps of land in the Sepang area, that had been earmarked for the intended KLIA.

He had received inside info of the lands in question and the idea was to buy land from owners (yes, Malays), hold and later either sell at a profit or receive compensation when it is compulsorily acquired for the KLIA project.

Who had he received this inside info from?

Government servants, high-ranking and low.

Who were ripping off the Malay folk?

Malays, right?

You also said that “That’s why our dignity is mocked and we are looked down upon.”

The only ones who have mocked the dignity of the Malays are the Malay leaders themselves, who have lied to the Malay masses, misused the NEP to enrich themselves and, when they felt the need to, would play the race card to keep the people divided, to maintain their grip on power, and the nation’s wealth.