Vote BN in Tg Piai = Cutting your nose to spite your own face!

Posted on November 12, 2019


TF1Am I completely happy with the performance of the government post-14th GE?


With the PM post-14th GE?

I don’t have to answer this, now, do I?

Should we make our unhappiness known?



Seems that some of the Chinese voters in Tanjung Piai think voting for the BN candidate this 16th November is one way to send a message to PH that we are not happy.

Protest votes loom as some Chinese voters seek to ‘teach Harapan a lesson’ is the headline in a report in Malaysiakini today.

That report quotes a voter, Yeo Shiok Sui.

“We will vote for Wee. We have a lot of opinions about Najib and don’t support him, but we want to teach Harapan a lesson. It’s been more than a year but they (Harapan) are still blaming the previous government. What we want is for you (Harapan) to do well (in the government)…Even if it was DAP contesting against MCA, I think MCA can still win. A lot of Chinese are unhappy with Mahathir and Harapan, but DAP never talks about it” – Yeo

Is refusing PH your vote in Tanjung Piai a means of delivering a “we are unhappy” message to the government?

In my view, yes.

A strong message.

Would refusing PH the vote and giving it to BN be sending the same powerful message to the government?

In my view, no.

In fact, it sends out a dangerous message to UMNO / BN that, notwithstanding the mess they left this nation in, we might still consider giving them our vote!

Wanting to hit the government where it hurts, but kicking ourselves instead where it hurts most!

Good people of Tanjung Piai, if you want to use your vote to register a message of dissatisfaction with the state of things, let that message go out to two.

The government and the opposition.

To the opposition, UMNO/BN, Zahid Hamidi, Wee Ka Siong and every leader who stood by and watched as Najib raped our coffers, come back for our vote when you are truly reformed. Until then, you will never have our vote.

Send this message to UMNO/ BN.

To the government, let them know that the voter today no longer feels constrained to choose between “one or the other”.

On 16th November, you have 6 candidates looking to get your vote.

Here’s my 2 sen if you want to cast a protest vote.

wh_sixcorner_021125Say “NO” to the red, green and blue.

Then give your vote to one of the remaining three.

But, please, don’t cut off your own nose to spite your own face