Dr M is not the man to lead a unity government

Posted on February 28, 2020


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Politics, politicians, and political parties prioritise politics too much to the point they forget the country is facing economic and health problems that threaten the country. I believe, right or wrong, politics and political parties must be set aside for now” – Dr M, on why he wants to lead a unity government.

“…this option narrows and centralises decision making around one person – a risk in any political system as there are fewer checks and balances” – Bridget Welsh in her opinion piece, Malaysia’s ‘prisoner’s political dilemma’ : Choices ahead in Malaysiakini today.

Ambiga favours Dr M’s proposal.

I would support this proposal if Ambiga, not Dr M, was leading such a government.

To fully understand Ambiga’s rationale, watch her in the video below of the “Consider this” program that aired live on Astro Awani yesterday.

Now go to the 50th minute and 50th second and watch Sharaad ask Ambiga if Dr M is the right man for the job of this mooted unity government?

Watch Ambiga’s reply.

She could have said yes, he is the man to do this difficult task.

She didnt.

She knows he is not.

Instead, she left it to the 222 in Parliament to decide on Monday.


On Monday, 2nd March, in Parliament, expect the robbers and thieves in UMNO, PAS, MCA and MIC, pushed to the wall and having to choose between Dr M and Anwar, to opt for the former.

And those robbers and thieves will be back in Putrajaya, in Dr M’s unity government

The people we voted out of government in the 14th GE will be back to decide the fate of this nation?


Dr M contrived this situation.

He has betrayed us.

On 5th April, 2018, a month before the 14th GE, in a post entitled “Lets agree to disagree, and then fight UMNO/BN”, I wrote :

“I have made clear my views on the proposal by Pakatan Harapan to offer Dr M as their PM candidate should they sweep into Putrajaya post the 14th GE.

Those views remain unchanged.

I am also acutely aware that my views are at odds with the large majority of Malaysians who want to see UMNO / BN kicked out of Putrajaya.

Whilst we therefore disagree on the choice by PH of Dr M as PM, we are agreed on one very important fundamental.

UMNO / BN must go.

On Dr M as PM, therefore, let us agree to disagree.

Let me say this now.

If we all work towards creating the necessary tsunami this GE to sweep out the robbers and thieves now residing in Putrajaya, and PH form the new government with Dr M at the helm, I pray, for the sake of the nation, that my fears shall prove to have been unfounded and that all of you were right to put your trust in Dr M.

However, if that which I fear comes to pass, I pray that you will not hesitate to join me on the streets to press for reforms we so desperately need, and if that is not forthcoming, to bring about a regime change”.

To Dr M, let the words of Oliver Cromwell sum up what the good people of Malaysia want of you now