As we stay in to avert the pandemic outside, beware the pandemic within

Posted on April 9, 2020


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAm I trying to scare you people?


Don’t believe what I am going to tell you now.

As you stay home, I hope you will research.

And then judge for yourselves.

Sine we have all the time in the world, a bit of story-telling first, before I get to what I really want to share.

In July, 2005, I was then staying on my farm in Pahang.

It was the durian season, and I had 1 1/2 acres of mature durian trees ( about 80 trees ).

We had a bumper crop that season and for 3 days and 3 nights, I feasted.

Durian, pulut and santan.

Breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner.

The third day was a Sunday, and I was working in the farm with the boys.

It started to rain cats and dogs and I started to run uphill towards the house.

Then it happened!

A shooting, throbbing pain, on the right side of the head, and cold sweat in the heavy rain.

I was to find out later that the durian binge had driven my blood sugar and blood pressure levels through the ceiling and that pain I experienced suggested I might have just missed having a stroke.

It was also then that I was diagnosed as suffering from type 2 diabetes.

For 10 years after that diagnosis, I was on medication.

Dosage increased once in that time.

In 2015, I started to use my own body as a laboratory to see if I might be able to control the diabetic condition without medication.

By April, 2015, I went off my medication completely and with some modest restraint on diet, was having an average fasting blood sugar reading that suggested a relatively controlled diabetic condition.

In the months running up to the 14th GE, traveling on the ground, I ran out of my supplements, could not control what I ate, and refused to go back on medication.

Post GE14, the diabetic condition took a turn for the worse.

Peripheral neuropathy kicked in.

Then I was introduced to a holistic health place called the Living Center in Sunway Geo   ( sadly, it has closed down ) and met three lovely people.

Dr. Sharifah, Carmen and John.

They started me on a journey that took me from being in a very poor and dangerous state of diabetic control to reversing that diabetic condition.

How I did that, I will share in my next post, which I want to dedicate to those with type 2 diabetes and who might be interested to look into controlling that condition or, better yet, reversing it.

Here, I want to tell non-diabetics about a pandemic that I learnt of during that journey, a pandemic that I discovered has long been in our midst.


First, do you know what is the optimum ideal level of sugar the average human should have in his or her body at any one time?

I will let Dr Eric Berg tell you.

The average American consumes 31 teaspoons of sugar a day!

See what the consequence is.

Pre-diabetes, unknown to most who already have it!



The average Malaysian has 26 teaspoons a day?

When’s the last you tested your blood sugar?

Was non-diabetic?


Was it pre-diabetic, though?

download (6)You’re thinking, “No, I did not dip into this bowl 26 times today”.

You take your coffee or tea without sugar?


The source of the pre-diabetic pandemic at home, then?

Hidden sugars in all the processed food stored at home!


hidden-sugars-prevAs we stay at home to avoid the Covid-19 pandemic outside, are we eating our way to the pre-diabetic pandemic awaiting us at home?

As we tell the kids to stay home and stay safe, are we exposing them to this?






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