Service above self

Posted on April 17, 2020


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEditor’s note : I had said that during the currency of this ongoing MCO, I would not write on politics so as not to distract our focus on the pandemic. Goings-on in the backdoor government left me pissed off, and I was going to write. Before I did, Singa Terhormat did. His thoughts are below.


Singa Terhormat

Legislation should be introduced to limit the remuneration, including all allowances, of elected representatives at Federal level to be capped presently at say, Ringgit Eight Thousand (RM8,000-00) per month , and those at State level at say, Ringgit Six Thousand (RM6,000-00).

That should be enough for them to live by as there is no requirement that elected representatives must  go about in chauffeur-driven Mercedes Benzes and be fully-suited or dressed in the finest, hand-drawn batik material and sporting Rolex watches. Those who display a penchant for such finery should instead preferably be avoided by the rakyat.

Such limitations on the Income of elected representatives should go some way to weed out those who look upon politics as a means to riches and reduce if not eliminate money politics.

They should also not draw any income if they serve in any GLCs, statutory bodies or public corporations but can only do so on an honorary basis.

By such limitation, there is a better chance that only those elected representatives who are genuinely keen on serving the people will  seek to serve on such bodies.

Included within such legislation will have to be provision that all Government grants and allocations of whatever nature are not channeled through elected representatives but through Government departments and agencies.

For elected representatives who serve two terms or more (showing that they did perform to some degree to be able to get re-elected) and have since ceased to be elected representatives, a pension can be provided for, after attaining the age of 60 years, in consideration of them sacrificimg their careers/businesses. Here we can afford to be somewhat generous in providing them the same monthly sum of Ringgit Eight Thousand (RM8,000-00)/Ringgit Six Thousand (RM6,000-00).

This should go some way towards eliminating some of the parasites in our political system whose only interest is self-enrichment and not the welfare of the people. The limitation should also apply to Senators, perhaps at a figure of Ringgit Six Thousand (6,000-00) monthly.

When there is service above self, greater integrity will determine the decisions made that affect us all as well as prevent corruption and self-serving politicking.