Seek truth in all scriptures, then live it, but do not impose your truth on others

Posted on April 20, 2020


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn my Making the most of this “stay home” situation, I had written that during this MCO period, I wanted to write about, amongst other things, that as we stayed in to avoid the pandemic outside, we should be aware of the pandemic and another risk that awaits us in our homes.

I have already written about the pandemic within.

The risk within is just as concerning, and I will  get down to writing it up, probably over several posts, but I feel compelled, by the situation the world and our nation faces with this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, along with some comments to my courtroom to the streets post, to share with you thoughts that have filled my days of late.

In 1986, whilst still in London, my journey in trying to understand the Holy Qur’an began, and continues to this day.

To understand it for myself.

I imagine some of you reading this and exclaiming, “What, Haris religious?”

Well, I am not.

I am inclined to the path of spirituality.

There is, I think, a world of difference between the two, but that’s best left for another day.

Sometime in the early 2000’s, part of one verse had my constant attention.

What could it mean?

“…They ask thee how much they are to spend; say: “What is beyond your needs.” – Surah 2 verse 219.

Read by itself, it seemed as if we were being enjoined to engage in frivolity and extravagance.

However, reading it together with Surah 2 verse 215, for me, presented a whole new meaning.

“They ask thee what they should spend. Say: Whatever ye spend that is good is for parents and kindred and orphans and those in want and for wayfarers. And whatever ye do that is good God knoweth it well”.

What nailed its meaning for me, though, was a documentary on National Geographic.


Lions brought down a gazelle.

As they feasted, on the fringes, and atop trees, were hyenas and vultures.


When the lions were done, they did not drag the carcass with them, to save it for their next meal. Full, they lay not too far off and watched lazily as the hyenas went in to feed.

After the hyenas, it was the turn of the vultures.

“Give what exceeds your needs” was beautifully depicted.

Man saves what exceeds his immediate needs.

For the university education of his infant child even as, around him, are children of others whose meals for the day are by no means certain.

Thus, have I since come to understand and live by that verse.

My truth.

I do not and cannot impose my understanding and my truth on anyone.

Not even my children.

In time, they too, must search for their own understanding.

Of life.

Not just from scriptures tombed in books, but from the most powerful and vivid of all scriptures.

Life, in its fullest, unfolding before us.

As I share in the upcoming posts, I ask that I not be judged.