Dear Muhyiddin

Posted on April 28, 2020


EJP_yVEX0AAI4GTGod’s peace be with you.

“This government may not be the government that you voted for”.

Your own words.

We got rid of UMNO and BN.

You brought them back!

And with that, has the old practice of huge chunks of allocations intended to uplift the lives of the most marginalised Malaysians through the DEB programs over the years being hijacked by political leaders to be used for their own ends, found its way into your administration?

The food aid announced to assist the poorest in the country during this pandemic was that 1000 food parcels, each worth RM100, would be made available to every parliamentary constituency.

1000 parcels x 222 constituencies x RM100 = RM22,200,000.00

Now, RM100 does not go very far these days, but given the current situation, every sen helps.

Which is why reports ( no, not fake news ) appearing in the media are extremely disconcerting.

On 23rd April, the Rasah MP Cha Kee Chin  reportedly complained that as at the date of reporting, his office had only received 150 packs of food aid, and estimated each to contain about RM35 worth of provisions.

“We opened it up when my assistant brought back the food packs (to the office) and the contents were not to our expectation. The rice has an RM13 price tag on it, the price of oil and bee hoon (rice noodles) is between RM2 and RM3 each… the food pack probably cost, at most, RM35,”

Yesterday, Lembah Pantai MP Fahmi Fadzil informed Malaysiakini that he had received 250 food packs and each was worth about RM85.00

“I was told by the Welfare Department that the packing and transportation (deduction) made it RM85 and not RM100 (in food value)”, Fahmi is reported to have said.

Fahmi has correctly worked out that if RM15 goes to packing and transport, that’s RM3.3 million,a huge chunk out of the food aid intended

Today, Malaysikini reported  that Sg Pelek Adun Ronnie Liu has lodged a report with MACC in relation to this matter.

“Many opposition MPs complained that they have yet to receive the food aid from the Welfare Department…Where are the 1,000 food packs for each parliamentary constituency?…The basket that is said to cost RM100 is actually less than RM35. Why is that?”

I spoke to Ronnie a little while ago.

He got someone to go out and purchase provisions consistent with what is in the food aid parcels that have been received up to now.

About RM50.00 was spent!

If this is correct, where is the other half?

Packing costs?

As Ronnie remarked, “Nothing, lah, bro”.

Our sales team packs products for delivery everyday.

Packing costs?

Maximum, RM0.50 sen per pack.

On 25th April, after reading about the Rasah MP’s complaint, I contacted my brother, Ganesh, who is actively involved with an NGO in the distribution of food aid to the most destitute of homes.


This is what I whatsapped him : How much does it cos you guys to transport out food? If I were to give you 1k, how much of that would go to food rations, and how much would go to cost to get those rations out to people who need them?

Ganesh replied : No cost. All done by volunteers

Mr. Prime Minister, is your government that we did not vote up to old tricks again?

It is against this backdrop, and other issues of concern related to this pandemic, and its management, that the decision to have just a 1-day sitting of parliament on 18th May, and that, too, without any likelihood of any meaningful parliamentary oversight on the same, is nothing short of defrauding the citizenry of the right to the fullest transparency in respect of these matters.

On 22nd April, the British parliament convened and the government was put to questions on their handling of the pandemic. You can read about it HERE.

“With the latest hospital death toll from the virus rising to 16,272 in England alone and persistent reports of a lack of protective equipment for staff in hospitals and care homes, stand-in leader Dominic Raab faced a barrage of tough questions”, the report reads.

The Health Ministry DG has just announced that 31 positive cases were detected in the last 24 hours, as at 12 noon today, the lowest since 12th March.

Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced  that the number of green zones are growing and your government is looking into the possibility of easing the movement restriction in such areas.

If the British parliament can meet when their curve still appears to be trending upward, whilst those in charge here are already talking of easing up on movement restrictions given the seemingly improved situation, why will your government not submit to parliamentary scrutiny?

There is no good reason why parliamentarians cannot meet, properly socially distanced,  to properly scrutinise your government’s handing of this pandemic crisis, particularly the huge amount of public funds expanded.

Unless you would rather see the rakyat gather outside your office to put on display creative social distancing skills we have acquired during this MCO?

c.c. The Rakyat

p.s. How?