The circus is in town!

Posted on May 6, 2020


IMG-20191109-WA0061 edThe Bersatu president, now the PM of the backdoor gomen, is openly co-operating with UMNO.

Bersatu youth have, however, declined to go the way of their president, holding out that they want to return to Pakatan Harapan.

Does Bersatu still have a chairman?

Is Dr M still the chairman?

If he is, come the sitting of Parliament on 18th May, as we are now hearing, Bersatu will take a ‘kangkang’ stance.

JCVD - Emoji copy (Nancy)

Meanwhile, Mukhriz thinks Bersatu should re-join PH.

Anwar seems to think, “Can, lah, but support the PH reform agenda”.

Laughable, if the people were not suffering.

And, no, this is not a “I told you so” post.

In fact, almost 3 years ago, when I peeked into my crystal ball before heading out to speak at the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, I think I got 2 things absolutely spot on, but completely missed out on a super biggie.

I got it right that in the old fox’s grand scheme of things, DAP and PKR were totally expendable.

What I completely did not see was that the old fox would get outfoxed.